Three Signs

Three Signs (an excerpt from an upcoming book on ways to  “Connect with Angels”)

I have a regular routine of riding my mountain bike around the trails that circle Lady Bird Johnson Lake in downtown Austin. I usually stop to do some exercise at a designated area that has outdoor equipment. This is my time to commune with nature in an urban setting and connect with my own angel guides to receive messages without the distractions in my home/office environment.

On this particular day, my finances were on my mind. I have recently changed careers and felt the need to ask my guides to give me some sort of sign that things would be fine in this area of concern. I stood in the sun with my eyes closed assuring Spirit of my strong faith as I was expressing a loving and playful need to know what lays ahead for me. I was clear that I wasn’t asking out of worry, it was more like a cat looking at a dangling thread of yarn.

After asking for my sign, I went over to a metal bench and started doing push-ups. As I went up and down, something shiny in front of my face caught my attention. It was a dime. I worked it out of the odd location on the bench. There was no other place on the bench where this dime could have hidden with such ease if at all due to the construction of the bench. I studied the 2005 dime before thanking my guides for this sign and placing it in my pocket.

A few moments later, I was climbing a steep grade to get back to my house when I was overcome with thoughts about my recently published book called ‘Mariposa’ which means butterfly in Spanish. I was thinking about the success that I had already felt as I pondered where it would go next. Just as I had the thought, a large black butterfly appeared two inches above my right hand and flew with me a ways. I have a special attachment to these winged creatures and therefore know their habits in this area. I have never had one come so close while I was pedaling so hard. If I am still, they will easily fly up, but when I am working like that they usually scatter. I was overtaken for a moment with my emotional response to this unique flight of the butterfly. Without any doubt, I had witnessed sign number two.

Once again I thanked my guides and traveled on down the street. I rode a few blocks and suddenly heard a plane flying very low. I stopped my bike and looked overhead to see a small plane towing a huge sign. It must have been 50’by 100’ judging by the size of the plane that was dwarfed by the sign. I just started laughing at these joyful beings having so much fun with me, because this huge floating billboard had no recognizable advertisement. It had what appeared to be caveman, but no Geico. Who would spend so much on an ad that was not recognizable? I realized that I had read where signs come in different forms such as coins, butterflies and birds. I had just experienced all three!

As soon as I got home, there was an unexpected check in my mailbox. I spent the afternoon talking to several people that called to tell me they were interested in promoting me and my work. I had everything from book tours to television ads being proposed by people that couldn’t even explain their actions. I found it very amusing to listen to these bewildered callers. I also booked three sessions that afternoon with back to back calls to schedule the following two days that were empty on my calendar. Finally, that evening I received an email informing me that a client was getting six-figure loan to contract work with me. I went to bed that night thinking it was so much fun and easy too. All I had to do was ask. Now that’s what I call signs! ~R~

History……relevant or entertainment

It is interesting the way comparisons are made and how these comparisons shift our views. Obama compared to Lincoln or Truman, the Irag War and the Vietnam war, the Great Depression and our current economic atmosphere are all comparisons being used to draw conclusions.

I was listening to people being interviewed on the radio that experienced the depression. Their answers to the questions of comparison were very cute, but seemed ridiculous. That’s mainly because there is no comparison to those times and now.

The people at the time of the depression were different, the country….even the world was a vastly different place. The Vietnam war was so connected to the times in may different ways and I am sure you could draw a comparison thread, but does that hold any meaning? The new president could be compared to the last in order to measure some sort of meaningful message. “Bush will be judged by history, in thirty years he will be viewed as one of the greatest presidents.” That may be true if everyone’s perspective has changed by then, but to me holds no value in today’s scheme of things. Time heals all wounds!

Everything is changing and moving so fast that I think comparisons to history are somewhat laughable. maybe that’s it. The purpose is entertainment and our media today is definitely in that business. I feel better now that I have discovered the reason to compare to history! ~R~



Many people across the globe are praying for peace, with a zestful yearning to witness this feeling or state of being with cultures around the world. But what would that look like and what form could that take? The war machines are just that, driven by money, power, individual beliefs and a long history of forcing their will on others.

Personal peace to me is the quieting of the mind, body and spirit. Reaching for a stillness that warms the heart even in the midst of a chaotic and fast-paced environment is something that more and more people are striving for. The increased momentum of stimulating the senses through the experiences our society has to offer no longer brings the thrill or newness original to that energy.

The Harmonic Crystal Healing Bed® invokes a response that has been described as an overwhelming feeling of peace. I have often wondered how that occurs and spreads beyond this little room and out into the world.

Derived from the Anglo-Norman pas, c.1140, and meaning “freedom from civil disorder,” the personalized meaning of peace is reflected in a non-violent lifestyle which also describes a relationship between any people characterized by respect, justice and goodwill. This latter understanding of peace can also pertain to an individual’s sense of himself or herself, as to be “at peace” with one’s own mind. The early English term is also used in the sense of “quiet,” reflecting a calm, serene, and meditative approach to the family or group relationships that avoids quarreling and seeks tranquility or an absence of disturbance or agitation. With that explanation and understanding, I will ask for some peace of mind to reach for a whisper from an angel on peace:

Peace is a word that describes a feeling, therefore the true essence of this word is something that must be felt and experienced rather than simply implied. Discussions in groups are beneficial to creating peace between nations, but it is the people that must make a stand for peace in the name of loving thy neighbor.

Peace is available to everyone, yet there has to be willingness and an intention to achieve inner peace. It is your choice, and choosing peace is saying yes to the Higher Self with acknowledgments toward your personal Soul journey.

A collective majority of people willing to stand up for peace is all that is needed as the power struggles shift from world leaders to the choice and hands of the people. In your meditations, hold the world in your hands as you breathe in the energy of the Divine while breathing out the prayers for peace. In this way, you are giving your powers to manifest peace to the world through individual intentions.

It is important for each individual to hold a space in their hearts for hope to dwell in harmony with the vibrations of love and peace. This is the partnership between man and Divine Source energy that develops world peace through an inner sanctum of communion with spirit. Asking for peace is symbolic of your release of control that represents an invitation for Spirit’s involvement in the continuum of movement toward that which serves the highest good for mankind, a peaceful planet.


My heart sank as I heard the news out of New York today……….”plane crashed into Hudson River”. In my recent flight to Hawaii as I thought about flying over water and the possibilities of crashing, my mind rationalized it very simply with one question “what’s the difference?”.

With media today, most of us have seen the videos of plane crashes and it is never pretty. Conquering any fears of flying over water or land isn’t always easy, the simple answer of indifference just turned my focus with a gentle nudging that said “everything is good”. But the truth in this case is most of us can’t think of plane crash and New York, without the images of 9/11 coming forward. My sympathy for the people of New York was pouring out of my heart with the first reports of the Airbus crash………”not another tragedy to face, especially for those who have suffered”. That was my first mental prayer.

I got home about 3pm Austin Texas time and turned on the news. The feeling of seeing the people on the wing, the circle of fairy (tee hee) boats, the eyewitness accounts of their rescue, the description from the pilot pundits and the early reports of everyone surviving that sudden crash, was the emotion attached to witnessing a miracle. The idea of the airplane staying in tact and floating down the river while the rescue took place, was a bit surreal.

Reports of a bird strike was interesting with descriptions from pilots and news sources repeating that birds often strike airplanes at lower elevation levels and this birding incident took out both engines. Do you think the mainstream media has reported on terrorism and war a little too much lately? Even when applied to birds, it sounds like a deliberate and calculated attack from birds on this country! This takes that Hitchcock movie idea to an HNL (old SNL skit,,, means hole nuther level).

I can feel the freedom to poke fun at the media in this case since it appears that everyone survived……..except those birds(lol). Miracles do happen everyday and today, I witnessed one. As I witnessed this one miracle, I expanded into the possibilities that I can witness a miracle in my life……any day……..everyday. Like the people on that plane today must be feeling……it is good to be alive!~R~

being radically alive

I never thought I would have an encore career, much less as an angel reader and medium. My long career as a carpenter/contractor was fun and meaningful, while restoring houses has more connections with restoring souls than I could have ever imagined.

I still feel so new to this lifestyle and sometimes feel like I could awaken to my old life at any time. This seems to pull me away from awakening to my new life, but the two lives are separate and connected at the same time. To fully awaken to the present can mean finding acceptance of the past. This is done through awareness, forgiveness, clearing and a willingness to move forward and away from my comfort structures along with faith and connection to a Higher Power.

Feeling radically alive can mean taking radical steps with intention and purpose while holding a light that illuminates truth. Illusions, judgments and lies can awaken the ego (lol) and place blocks between you and your presence. Then there is ‘human nature’ which seems to make it difficult to completely focus on the positive aspects of life. With a spotlight on failure, misgivings, lessons of the past and all the thoughts from the Lower Self, it can be difficult to remain in a moment of extreme presence.

It is interesting how the jolting effects of a life event can propel you from your normal life into your radical life in an instant. Those moments can be challenging and full of resistance, yet those are the stand-outs in my radical aliveness. Who made up that rule? I know the teachings inside those moments make us better individuals and so it becomes glaringly obvious that sitting on the couch waiting for the next life event is a delay tactic invented by man and reinforced by the belief systems of others.

I read an account of a near death experience and the analogy presented by this was in regards to sleeping. Crossing over to the other side was very similar to the body going to sleep. This triggered thinking about the times when things get rough in life and I personally want to go to bed and sleep it off (tee hee). So I wonder if when we have finally had enough of this wolrd, if we simply go to sleep for some eternal resting dirt nap!

Inevitably, it is the choices we make that determine the radical aliveness experiences. In this day and age we can do just about anything we want. What do you want, what is your heart’s desire and what is preventing you from having a radical experience with the finer things in life?

Maybe I have been sleeping for part of my life but I am awake now and looking for next epiphany! In the past few years I have been certified as a medium and angel reader, written 5 books (one is self-published), been filmed for a pilot show on my life, witnessed incredible changes and empowerment with those that I have worked with, traveled to many new places, have been a speaker for many groups, released my second music CD and raised my vibrations to all new levels. Now that is radically alive! ~R~