Natalee Holloway and the Search for Peace

Natalee Holloway

I was stepping out of the shower a few years back and a movie began to play in my head. This vivid motion picture was displaying images of the brutal death of a young woman. I soon came to understand that the disturbing visual display was unveiling the details around the death of Natalee Holloway.

As a psychic and medium, I regularly engage the of activity connecting with deceased loved ones. This was very different from my other experiences, in that it was totally unsolicited and involved a hideous unsolved crime. It is hard to know what to do or how to feel around such communications, but after careful consideration I followed my heart and decided to contact the authorities.

The FBI, Aruban authorities and Texas Equisearch were not interested, and I can’t blame them after I discovered how many psychics were working on this case. There was a vortex of psychic stories from several sources in this case and I am sure that I was not the only one answering the cries of this beautiful young woman. I think she called out to many in the aftermath of her loss. Besides, I was more interested in helping the parents.

After several attempts to contact her parents, I was finally guided to find the work address of her father. I sent him a letter disclosing some of the details that I received with hopes of bringing comfort to the situation. I went to the post office to mail the letters and stopped at the door. I stood there and asked Natalee to go with the letters if she wanted my help. As I gave the letters to the woman behind the counter, she touched the envelopes and without missing a beat said “It’s a shame what happened to that girl”. I am sure I looked a little surprised as she continued “We all know them boys did it…..I feel sorry for the parents.” I just nodded and smiled at the postal employee.

That was my affirmation that Natalee was ‘on it’ and a few days later, I received a response from her father telling me that the theory I presented was one of three that the authorities had been working on since the beginning. He was very kind and I felt complete with my responsibility.

The night before the famous 20/20 report came out with a taped confession of Joran, Natalee returned to me as I retired for the evening. I found myself waving my arms uncontrollable while I was in bed that night. The next morning I searched the web for information and pulled up a picture of Natalee in her cheer leading outfit. She was leading cheers with me over the new developments in the case!

That night I watched, with chilling effects, as Joran described what happened. It was exactly as Natalee had shown me in the original visual. I felt some relief as I watched her mother talk about how justice was never on the radar… was finding out what happened to her daughter. She recently spoke to a group of people about the tragedy as she brings awareness to the dangers of traveling to foreign lands. That article can be viewed at

One thought on “Natalee Holloway and the Search for Peace

  1. I watched the developments regarding Natalie Holloway, and the story he gave seemed like it was what may have happened but a part of me still thinks that there is just a little more. I found it unbelievable that he would not even check to see if she was dead or alive and that he didn’t call anyone to help her. It’s was a sad thing to listen to.

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