Russell Rides Back into the Flow of Life

Russell Rides Back into the Flow of Life

Today, June 9, 2009, is the day Russell got back on his bike!

In November ’07, I had a serious freak accident while riding my mountain bike crossing a busy Austin street. So many factors contributed to the event that it is hard to imagine forces coming together in such a way to ultimately result in such severe injuries. Yet, I can’t help but to reflect with the blessing in the situation within the reality that I could have lost my life or the use of my body on that fateful day.

Some nineteen months later, the day arrived when it was time to reclaim my passion. You know the old saying “it’s just like riding a bike”, that really is true. It was like a day had never passed as I traveled the exact same route to the Hike and Bike trail right past the spot where my wife, some city workers, the police and a handful of passer-bys watched them load me into an ambulance.

There was a vibration that is hard to describe, emanating from my left side around the center of my injuries. It feels like the same effect as you get when listening to crystal bowls or vibration through sound, so I think it must be a release of some sort. I know that I have felt grief over the things that I felt was lost…my health, time…or even a piece of myself. But what I’ve learned is that is only one perception that I can choose. The other might be that I became vulnerable……open to receiving……I had new experiences that illuminated a side of me that I had never seen, nor had those around me. One perceived area of loss allowed room for something totally different.

So how was the ride? Here is my interview with myself(lol):

Did I feel the energy of fear? ~ no fear….caution

Did it feel good? ~ incredibly freeing to the body, mind and spirit

Any shaky moments? ~ none….really smooth

Did I wear a helmet? ~ a helmet….. is the reason I have a brain that says wear a helmet!

Best way to describe the overall feeling? Very healing on many levels

Best thing that happened? ~ Sunset at the river on the footbridge………and the four year- old that stopped in the park to say hello and tell me the he had just played basketball.

Lasting impressions? ~ Gratitude beyond measure

Any tears? ~ enough of those shed already……….this was the true celebration ride

Anything to say? To my friends, family and Beckie…..Thanks for having the courage to see me through my strongest and weakest moments. I know it has been hard to watch and now it is time to erase that vision and replace that vision with the current one. See me as a survivor and a warrior for passion……..someone that is fully riding in the flow of life.

smiles, Russell


One thought on “Russell Rides Back into the Flow of Life

  1. You for you! Having the courage to get back on the bike shows your incredible strength and passion. I imagine every ride on your bike will be a new experience now. You will be so much more aware of everything you experience while riding. Enjoy.



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