Finding Laura Vogel

Finding Laura Vogel

As a psychic and medium, life can find a way of throwing some serious and unexpected curves on your path. The energy around missing persons can create a set of unique circumstances filled with unusual and possibly heavy responsibilities.

My first experience with a missing person was with Natalee Holloway, which I discuss in other articles found on this blog. A few months ago I was contacted and requested to ‘tune in’ to a missing woman in Dallas and that investigation led to tragic consequences. And now I am involved, this time through my personal connection, with the search for a friend named Laura Vogel who officially went missing in Maui on February 21, 2010.

When I got the call on her ‘missing’ status, I initially did not want to ‘tune-in’ with Laura, which may have been an intuitive message in itself. I waited until asked before tuning in to what immediately felt like a rather grim situation as imagery began to paint a chilling picture. One afternoon as I rested, I saw the headlines “Missing in Paradise” in my mind before dropping off and later awoke to those headlines on the Jane Velez-Mitchell show called “Issues”, where I watched one media version of description on Laura’s situation.

It makes for quite a compelling story. A beautiful 40-ish blond woman missing in Maui, her car found with keys in the ignition and door wide open, in an area adjacent to a homeless camp and park that is known for drug activity. The battery half of her cell phone was found nearby and a mysterious call was apparently made from that phone to someone that Laura did not appear to know. A final text from Laura that last time she was heard from read “meeting all the locals”. A reply to that last text message went unanswered as this beautiful spirit seemed to vanish from the planet.

In this day and age where awareness and consciousness is rising among humans at incredible rates, Laura Vogel helps create a testimonial to the human spirit in the way that she is touching lives from beyond the veil and through energy filled with information and messages of love. Beyond the information that a trained medium might receive, the stream of details comes pouring in from unsolicited sources around the world. Suddenly I am being contacted by people from Australia to Maui while I am here in Texas. The common thread from a myriad of sources is that Laura met with foul play that may have ended her life. What a difficult message for anyone to feel, hear and deliver, much less for the family to receive. Yet in truth, her family each receives input from their own feelings about their beloved Laura and her whereabouts.

From my perspective, the repetitive messages speak volumes about Laura as a person and what she may have gone through on that fateful February day. All indications are that she may have been in some kind of struggle on the high cliffs of Pauwela Lighthouse on that Sunday evening, and that struggle may eventually landed her in the water or the nearby fields that surround the Pineapple farms.

A friend sends me a map of the area and as I search the landscape, I am drawn to one area adjacent to the spot where her vehicle was found. There is a repeating message that comes up saying “half in and half out” and in one 24 hour period, a stream of messages from other people brings up Laura being surrounded by mermaids. The map becomes a total focus for me until I mark the spot that I feel drawn to, and eventually send it to the family. That afternoon, another stranger from Facebook messages me that she is not a psychic but feel Laura telling her in strong energy “Look at the Map!” Once again, there is an affirming moment in the search for Laura Vogel.

After several days into the search, the feeling is that Laura may be in a cave under the water and the mermaid messages keep coming. I decide to search the meaning around the mermaids only to discover the common belief around mermaids is that when in the water, they dwell in caves along the shoreline, which only adds to the feelings around her current location. The following day, a client brings me an oil painting of a mermaid and says that it reminds her of Laura. What are the odds and what is it with mermaids….what does it mean? The next day my client is a sweet and beautiful eight-year-old girl who just before she leaves with her mother, reaches in her bag and says “I wanted to show you this before I go” as she pulls out a Barbie mermaid! Talk about repetitive messages and from the mouths of children too! I know there is a deeper meaning here.

It’s Friday March the 5th and my clients are two friends of Laura. We have some magical moments of connection before a shade on my window releases and flies open letting in light. The shade lifting provided a shocking moment of presence with Laura and that session was followed by receiving a Facebook email from a person who contacts me out of the blue, saying that she has to tell someone about the man she keeps seeing in her mind. She only messages me a number without an area code and I immediately pick up the phone and dial the first three digits that comes to my mind and a woman answers the phone. It is the woman that was trying to contact me and she was surprised to receive my call, knowing that she had not given her area code. She lives in Maui and is not a psychic she tells me, but contacted me out of a need to tell someone her repeating image that she sees. She keeps seeing a man who is medium to the tall side and stocky with salt and pepper hair and beard. The beard is short and the hair is bushy. He is wearing a canvas type jacket that comes down below his pant pockets and draws around the waist with the collar turned up, his coat and face are dirty. He repeatedly comes to her mind as a figure that stares out over the cliff.

There are possibly several people involved with the disappearance of Laura Vogel and the police will not to commit to her status as being anything more than a missing person. Meanwhile my new friend from Maui starts telling as a thirty year resident that it is common knowledge that the Lighthouse area is known as a place where drug use and dealing is present. She also tells of police corruption and the hatred for Caucasians shared by the locals. ‘Howlies’ they are called, which used to mean foreigners, but now seems to indicate invaders or someone taking over the islands, which ultimately fans the flames of hatred. All of this information about life in a high tourist area has shattered my image of Hawaii, especially after discovering that there are other missing people in that area.

Our conversation then goes to a description of the area and I am told of a trail that goes to the left of the Pauwela Lighthouse road and follows the cliffs toward the shoreline. Now a woman that I just met is telling me about the cove that is seen from that trail. On her last visit to that cove, she discovered a whale body that was stuck in that same cove. She wondered why the whale appeared to stay in that one spot and noticed that the whale was being supported by some rocks making it ‘half in and half out’ of the water. She is perfectly describing the place on the map that I marked and saying the words that I heard in my mind over and over again. C

The main thing to remember about psychic information is that you should not rely solely on the literal translation. Information coming from beyond the veil can come packaged to fit each individual’s perception and can relay specific information that might be hidden under the surface. Because of my experience, I do careful discernments with how it feels, how it appears and how to expand around it. It’s like taking a blank canvas and painting a story on it. At first, you can’t tell where it is going until you get more painted and it starts to take definition. In most cases, it is better to not analyze the information as much as leave it raw and work from there.

With Laura, there is a special energy that is larger than what anyone might have known about her as she explores her current landscape and continues to show such a big heart. I am hopeful that she will be found and would love to hear any impressions that you may have around Laura. Write me and tell me what you think and then donate to the cause if you feel guided. There is a link below that directs you to a donation site that takes your offering and helps the family with their effort in Finding Laura Vogel.

Laura has a “Find Laura Vogel” Facebook homepage and a newly formed “I’m a Lauralight” page. Join these groups for the latest discussion, pictures and details of the disappearance of Laura Vogel.