The Solution for Cleaning the Gulf Spill

There is an answer to cleaning up the spill in the Gulf and it does not involve toxic chemicals. It has come to my attention that there is a great solution to the oil spill in the Gulf that is being overlooked and the reasoning behind that is unfathomably. Dr Oppenheimer discovered a natural occurring microbe that is easy to acquire in large quantities and easily distributed using water and fire hoses. The microbe turns the crude oil into ‘fish food’ that is safe for the environment and the transition from toxic oil to harmless food source is extremely quick and effective. Even in a large spill, the results can occur in a matter of hours.

Texas beaches have experienced a large oil spill and the amazing results of using these microbes. In a test environment, people watched as the microbes worked their magic and within moments of treating the oil-laden water, shrimp were feeding on the transformed product.

Bio-remediation has been used by Florida and Texas with great success and after witnessing this success, Gary Mauro, the Texas land Commissioner at the time, recommended microbes as the first line of defense in the battle to clean our beaches after an oil spill. There is a video that explains this process and the testing at: