My Psychic Connection with Natalee Holloway

My Psychic Connection with Natalee Holloway

I guess you could say that I have had a special relationship with Natalee, especially since I never knew her in any physical sense. One average winter day, I stepped out of my shower as a movie began to play in my head. Some would say that the veil is thinner in water and some of my most profound psychic experiences have occurred in the shower, but in that moment, time seemed to shift into a slow-motion movie that was portraying a hideous crime. That was my introduction to Natalee Holloway.

The way I understand it, Natalee sent out vibrations across the planet and I was in a receptive enough state to ‘feel’ the message being sent out in those vibrations. That message was a visual accounting of what happened in the dawning hours of May 30, 2005 on the island of Aruba.

At times, the movie that played in my head was shocking….brutal….and hard to understand what kind of person would behave in such a cruel way. What I was witnessing was a type of remote viewing, like an endless tape loop repeating the same information. It’s not that I am any different from the rest of the population simply put, I can be sensitive at times and engage in understanding such a message. Several others on the planet felt the same vibrations, but now I had to make several personal choices as a holder of details around this shocking event.

I did choose to contact the authorities and the parents with an edited version of the notes I kept. Those actions did not release me totally from the experience and over the past five years I have had repeated contact with Natalee. Her energy did not seem to be seeking revenge or even justice, but she did have some focus on other victims that might have or could suffer the same fate.

Anniversaries are important times for our deceased loved ones and I believe they have a heightened ability to manifest during the birth dates or death dates. There was a certain lack of surprise on my part to find out that Joran Van der Sloot committed a brutal murder on the fifth anniversary of Natalee’s death, almost to the minute. Nor was I surprised to find out that Joran’s confession indicated the vicious attack on Stephanie Flores was instigated by a pop-up information display that contained a verbal attack around the death of Natalee Holloway during some online gaming in Joran’s hotel room in Peru.

Now the details of that murder mirror the brutal images that I received around Natalee’s disappearance. A person going into a rage and committing horrible acts might lead you to believe that the potential existed for that kind of attack. As I reviewed those five year old notes, I was a little shocked to read my own words about Natalee being choked, possibly by hands. That is how Joran killed Stephanie Flores! In the journal entries, I note that Natalee is pointing to her throat and the beach.

Below are those notes from my contact with Natalee that I am inclined to release at this time. As her name came up this time, I had another image of Natalee in her cheerleader uniform, doing those movements that expressed her gratitude that Joran is finally in a place where he won’t hurt another unsuspecting woman.

I believe that like Rachel Cook, Laura Vogel and all the persons missing due to a violent end, Natalee will be there for Stephanie Flores… comfort her soul and lend her compassionate understanding and loving energy.

Russell’s notes:

On Saturday January 13, 2007 I had just stepped out of the shower when I started thinking about Jamaica. My thoughts were about vacationing.  “Why not Aruba?” came to mind even though I knew nothing about that island, not even its location. I had no pictures or point of reference to visualize in my mind. The first thing that came to mind on the idea of Aruba was ‘crime’. I then heard the words “she swims with the fishes”. This phrase has significance to me as it relates to someone passing.
     At this time a movie started to play in my mind. I saw a girl tied to an anchor sinking into the ocean and being eaten by sharks. Then I saw some young men and they were talking about her death as if they believed that it was an accident. Another party enters into the communication with these men taking on a mentor position, and is being persuaded that the girl is dead and that it was an accident. Also that no one will believe what really happened. I was told that she choked, but didn’t know if it was by some ones hand, the sand, or her own liquids.  Alcohol played a big factor in this entire event. They are advised to dispose of the body in a manner that it will never be found and that this would mean the minimal punishment, if any, for the people involved. 
      The young men take this information and hatch their plan of disposal. They take the girl out on the water and lightly tie her to a boat anchor so that if the anchor and rope were found, it would not look out of place. They then take her to a place known by the locals to be inhabited by sharks. They dump the girl here, but to insure she will never be found they take a knife and make several cuts on her body as they hold her on the surface of the water. They do this so that no blood evidence will be found. The sharks are on her before she hit’s the bottom. The anchor and the rope are still there. I believe accounting to be the girl missing in Aruba …..Natalee Holloway.
          I decided to contact a friend that has psychic abilities. I told her the story and she said it was a ‘pure’ communication from Natalee. She also told me that I would have to decide whether I would take it to the law enforcement authorities. She suggested that I pray and ask for guidance in this matter. 
         I did just that, and on the night of Monday January 15th I prayed to God and the angels for an answer. My answer was to ask Natalee. I felt guided to then ask Natalee for more information and an answer regarding who to contact or what to do with the information.
          I immediately started to see more of the movie. They took her to a section of beach about two miles from the bar and hotel. One of them (James or Jason kept coming to mind but those are not it, but a name that starts with J is) took her away from the others to have sex with her. While doing this, Natalee passed out with her face in the sand.  This choked her into an unconscious state that was similar to a coma with small shallow breaths. This man (J) then went to the others and said  “It’s your turn, she has passed out.”    When the other went to see her, he yelled back “she’s dead.”  This started a panic in the group.  If they had taken her for help right then, she might have survived, but the alcohol impaired their judgment. They then made a call to the mentor, someone that knows about the law. This led to the actions described above.
           I received from Natalee that she was still conscious during part of their actions, yet unable to move or respond as they dumped her into the water and cut her. She didn’t touch the bottom before a large shark came from the depths to end the ordeal.
            I asked her where she wanted me to send the information. The answer was to her mother and father. She communicated that she broke their trust and put herself in danger. She never intended to stay on the island. She exposed herself to the free will of men that couldn’t be trusted, especially in their altered state. Her soul cannot rest until she is laid to rest by her parents and the collective conscious of the world. She is reaching out for the truth to be exposed, because there are others in danger.    
           The last bit of info received was regarding the anchor being the key. There is evidence surrounding the anchor. A bit of clothing, a trail from the missing anchor that night, the replacement purchase, the discovery of the anchor itself with the possibility of linking the rope or DNA off the rope. There is some evidence regarding the anchor.

Journal June 21, 2007
On the night of June 19, 2007 Natalee paid me a return visit. She appeared in my mind and held her hands up to her throat. I tried to communicate that I know and to comfort her. She then pointed at the beach and the sand. Again I tried to comfort her.
           The next day there was a show on Court TV called “Haunting Evidence”. I never watch those shows but my mother wanted me to and I think Natalee did too. The show was intense for me and sometimes hard to watch.
            After the show I went to bed and before dropping off, Natalee appeared again. She started showing me a boat. It was long with a flat sort of bottom, blue and white and about 15 feet long.
            She showed me a scene where the fisherman has his boat just pulled up on the beach and is being paid to take the body out and feed to the sharks. Then I see an anchor that is used as a fishing weight. It is rounded yet designed to stick in the sand. The fisherman is being told that if he speaks of this, his family will be killed and this is keeping him silent. No one would notice a fishing boat leaving the beach in the early hours, nor would anyone miss a fishing anchor.
             Lastly Natalee pointed to the boat and said “Wayfarer” In my study of this word, I found out that a wayfarer is a type of dinghy that is 15’ 10” long and is considered a Caribbean craft that is generally used as the ‘family boat’.

On the 18th of December I read where the Aruban authorities were closing the Natalee Holloway case. This saddened me especially with the timing of the arrival of the ‘Persistence’ which is a search vessel equipped with the latest high tech search equipment. If nothing else, this was demoralizing to the men on board that ship. There were news stories about the vessel searching deep waters looking for a lobster cage. This could have been the ‘anchor’ they used to weight her body.
With all my efforts appearing to reach a dead end, I decided there was one thing to do and that would be to pray. I asked the angels and God to use their infinite power to assist Natalee in any way that was serving. I surrendered and released all control as I gave it away.
Then on Sunday Feb 3rd, I discovered that there was some sort of confession tape that was about to be released. That night Natalee returned. She told me that Deepok (one of the brothers that drove her away that night) was ready to talk. As I lay in bed, my arms started making movements in all directions like a cheerleader or baton twirler. Natalee was messaging me her cheers. She was very excited and happy.
The next night I saw the confession of Joran on 20/20 and the tape was chilling in some of the details that were released. That and the cold-blooded nature of his demeanor turned my stomach. But I could understand Natalee’s cheering at that point. I felt such relief when Beth Twitty (Natalee’s mother) expressed a sense of completion from the knowledge of what happened with Natalee and that made me cheer! Joran left no doubt of his involvement and the outcome with Natalee.

My letter to the parents

To Dave Holloway,
My name is Russell Forsyth and I have been a carpenter and a General Contractor for thirty years in Austin Texas. I consider myself an average, normal and conservative person. I did not solicit this information, nor do I have any interest in pursuing this any further. I do feel that my responsibility is to get this in the hands of the parents and authorities for them to decide on the accuracy.
       As a parent and someone that works with people that are suffering from grief, I can’t imagine your sense of loss. Furthermore, I have struggled with my responsibility to get this to you. I can only ask that you read this and decide for yourself if it feels like the truth to you. The way it was explained to me, was that Natalee sent out these vibrations and I picked up on them. Several others may have too. It is solely dependent on us to bring forward the information.
It is with heartfelt compassion and respect that I send this to edited version of my statement to you. An unedited statement meaning that I received some information that was graphic and would therefore be insensitive to send. I am sending a statement to Aruban authorities and the FBI.
I am requesting one thing that is to read the next to the last paragraph even if you skip the rest. This one paragraph is the real reason that I received and was compelled to get this to you. .It is my hope that justice and peace will come to you and your family.

Hello Mr. Holloway,

I am being drawn once again to contact you regarding the disappearance of your daughter. In my last letter to you, I failed to mention that I have been on a media fast since April, ’06. When you validated the information that I sent you as being one of the working theories about Natalee’s disappearance, I felt that the communication was pure and filled with intent to message you.
I am somewhat like you in that I am very skeptical with the psychic process and often need some proof or validation. When the “Haunting Evidence show aired, I went online and read a quote from you that expressed the feeling that this case is better left to the professionals. I really agree with that. In my sessions, I often tell clients that it is not a good idea to ‘hang your hat’ on psychic information. I was also surprised to read that they didn’t even contact you in the airing of that show.
As you might read in my journal below, I never watch those shows. Immediately afterwards, my older sister called me and asked if the show was scripted off my notes.
Some of the similarities were striking with at least one of the psychics, even though most of the show was way over dramatized and hard to watch.
Having just past the two year anniversary, I want to join you in prayers and hope for a resolution for everyone. I am being drawn to go to Aruba against my family’s wishes and possibly my own better judgment, so I would appreciate any words of wisdom from you. I want to add that in order for me to stay in integrity; I am not in contact with anyone but you in this case with the exception of one letter sent to Aruban authorities. Should I go to Aruba, I would want to visit with the authorities and assist in any way possible.
I can’t describe the desperate feelings that surround me in these times of contact. I think if anyone can relate to this it is you and your family. I have nothing but respect for the way you have handled yourself in this situation. Maybe it is your integrity that compels me to write to you about such a delicate issue.
Lastly, I must say that psychic information can reveal important messages in the form of symbolism and hard to interpret details. It is also the way we communicate with the divine. When we set aside our own ego judgments on the process, it is easier to receive the messages. Once again thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, Russell Forsyth