Emails from Deceased Loved Ones

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Emails from Deceased Loved Ones

As a medium, I have some rather unique experiences that have changed the way I view life and life after death. Just when I find a little comfort in thinking I have seen it all, something happens that puts me back in my humble beginnings (lol).
Upon arriving home from a week in Mexico, I was shocked to find some rather unusual emails in my current inbox. There were nine emails grouped together that really opened my eyes and heart. Five were from the publisher of my first book, Mariposa, followed by two from the artist who created the book cover, followed by two more from the publisher. The shock was that my artist friend had passed almost a year ago to the day.
The email from her was a loving message that was making reference to a file from the book publisher. It was late and I was tired from the travel day, so I simply went to bed in amazement and wonder. The next day, the nine emails had vanished without a trace and couldn’t be found, even in the history folder where I store all book-related emails.
I decided to contact my publisher and was even more shocked when the reply came back from her husband that she had passed more than two years prior. I have had experiences with unusual emails from deceased loved ones in the past, but this experience takes the cake! Let’s see if an angel who whispers can shed some light on the case of the emails from deceased loved ones:

            When the body ceases to function, the energy from within experiences a freedom that births the next phase of the soul journey. In a state of pure energy, movement becomes a learning process, much like a baby learning to crawl. This process has, in simple terms, been forgotten during the incarnation and travel across the etheric plane.

             During the initial transition, there is a greater focus on communication with those who are left behind, which provides a pathway to resolution. Since computers operate on energy, there is an opportunity to engage in a process that facilitates communication. The effort to make such things happen is greater than you might imagine and a testament to a person’s free will.

             This holiday season, take the time to send love to your departed loved ones. Your grief can be released in the acknowledgment of their energy and the love from your heart. You may not have them in the physical, but you will always carry them in your spiritual body. Your open heart will invite your loved-ones to communicate a message in the energy of pure love.

            You can breathe the air, yet you cannot see it. You can feel the wind, even though you cannot touch it. You can know your loved ones, even when you can’t hold them. You can hear angels when there is no audible voice. You can believe in God when there is no proof of existence. And the beauty of creation is that you get to choose.