Understanding Twin Flame Relationships

Going beyond the soulmate relationship

Meeting your Twin Flame is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You might feel a tingling sensation or a sense of knowing. Something deep inside stirs your emotions. A magnetic energy surges within. The person standing in front of you evokes feelings of a magical connection like a distant memory that brings to the surface your primal energy. You feel as if you are in the middle of some grand reunion with a long-lost friend or lover you didn’t even know you had. You’re about to be swept off your feet and some part of you feels the energy inside lifting. The excitement fills every dimension of your being. Magic fills the air and surrounds your senses, sexually, emotionally, and intellectually, as you are carried away into a blissful state of being. That’s usually the point where the fairy tale ends and the hard work of transformation begins.

From this moment on, the relationship will unfold according to the spiritual development reached by each person at the soul level, meeting both exactly where you are at this moment in your life. The term Twin Flame could be one of the most misunderstood labels to emerge from the spiritual movement. The belief in connecting with a Twin Flame often leads to spiritual bypassing at a minimum and psychosis or some loss of reality in the other extreme.

What is a Twin Flame?

Theories behind Twin Flames vary. Some feel that the each soul is created with an exact duplicate, like two seeds from the same pod. The souls share an etheric womb, each one developed with a spiritual DNA that is perfectly aligned. As a result, twin souls provide a mirror that shines a light for the other to truly see themselves. With every incarnation, one soul remains in the non-physical dimensions as a spirit guide to help draw the incarnated soul toward lessons of love. Their journey through many lifetimes is a shared experience as they take turns incarnating. If one incarnates as a female, the other remains a spirit helper with masculine energies that help bring balance. Incarnating as a male, the spirit twin brings feminine energies to growth process.

The matching vibrations means the souls will become a teacher for the other with a deep connection to the emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, and etheric dimensions. Like two independent root systems that form a single tree, the Twin Flame becomes a catalyst for each other’s growth with a spark that can feel similar to a lightning rod. There is nothing subtle about a Twin Flame relationship. The Twin Flame can reflect everything beautiful inside and everything that lies within the shadow. Some believe that when Twin Flames incarnate at the same time, they have the opportunity for this lifetime to be the last for both in the physical dimensions. To fulfill such a destiny, profound growth must occur with synchronicity as they journey through this lifetime together. If they turn away from each other due to the challenges of transformational alignment, they will journey through time to meet again in a future life for another chance at spiritual evolution.

What is a Soulmate? 

Soulmate is a term sometimes used to designate someone with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, love, intimacy, spirituality, and compatibility. A better definition might be a helpmate. Your parents, siblings, lovers, friends, and total strangers are often some level of a soulmate, for every person has many helpmates on the planet. A soulmate can enter your life to help in some way for an hour, a day, a month, or a lifetime. 

Soulmates differ from Twin Flames, in that they carry qualities similar to opposing ends of a magnet that create a spark, a draw, a familiarity, or an attraction. The difference between a soulmate and a Twin Flame, is the soulmate represents more of a yin/yang relationship. The universe is governed by a cosmic duality, sets of two opposing and complementing principles or cosmic energies that can be observed in nature. You’ve heard the idiom opposites attract? Soul mates can hold varying degrees of masculine and feminine energies that, when put together the parts become complementary to the whole. We can experience the magnetic attraction of a high level soulmate in the same manner as a Twin Flame, so the difference is challenging to determine.

The yin is a feminine inward energy that is receptive, dark, and negative. The yang is the masculine energy that is outward, bright, and positive. Yin and yang elements come in pairs, such as male/female, dark/light, Sun/Moon, passive/aggressive, day/night, and hot/cold. The opposing forces coexist in harmony, complementing each other. The two different energies cannot only help each other, they can rely on each other for existence; working together to make each part stronger as a whole. Soulmate relationships, where each person carries varying degrees of yin and yang, often find balance through interaction. Twin Flame relationships often find discourse with interaction, especially if the evolution of each soul is not at the same level. If harmony is found in the balance between the opposing aspects, the relationship can soar to a higher potential than one person can find on their own. Two people in a soulmate relationship often experience blissful moments of peace, harmony, and greater benefits within the coexistence and interaction.

The True Nature of a Twin Flame Relationship 

Twin Flames are aligned in a way that can attract or repel. Each person in the Twin Flame relationship is a mirror for the other. The reflection illuminates lessons of love as the Twin Flame draws forth the greater lessons from the moment they meet. Out from the shadows comes anything that needs to be healed in order to know love without condition. Reaching the highest level of unconditional love begins with self-love, so an issues of low self-esteem are amplified in the presence f the Twin Flame. The possibility of sacred union in this lifetime means each partner is being asked to stand on their own two feet, become more independent by avoiding codependency, and by taking responsibility for themselves and their actions.

Love between Twin Flames illuminates anything short of taking absolute responsibility for emotions, relationships, family, and life-purpose. Issues of self-worth, patterns of codependency, and addictions to sex, drugs, alcohol, emotions, suffering, and negative behavior patterns must come into full alignment with spiritual laws for the relationship to thrive or even survive. If the relationship is to compliment and support spiritual growth, each person must find balance within themselves first and foremost. This is the destiny of meeting a Twin Flame. Transformation becomes forced learning with Twin Flames, and if one soul is not ready for the shift, a fire is ignited within. Stages of growth and healing usually occur in orderly stages, as each person becomes ready according to the cycles sand rhythms of their life. The forced learning before a person is ready, will potentially create the fireworks that could dominate the relationship.

When a Twin Flame relationship becomes toxic

Given the true nature of the energy around such a relationship, becoming a lover with a Twin Flames might not lead to the path of least resistance. The relationship with a Twin Flame is better built on friendship first, then love will follow once the transformational work has been accomplished. The mirror shows all. No one can hide, deny, or escape what they see reflected in themselves. Twin Flames cannot avoid shining a light that illuminates anything in the shadow side of their twin. Pain, jealousy, deep-seated fears, and behavior unbecoming their true nature, can surface as part of the healing process.

If Twin Flames become lovers and a toxic relationship ensues, this is a sign that they must part ways to spend time apart to work on themselves before pursuing the relationship any further. Addictions, lower energies, negative patterns, psychosis, and any issue residing in the consciousness    creating unhealthy attachments or versions of the self will be brought to the surface by the Twin Flame. Separating to take time for self-growth doesn’t mean the relationship has ended. Instead, it means spiritual laws must be applied and adhered to before the two can coexist in harmony. You cannot attempt to climb a mountain without honoring the reality of the inescapable Law of Gravity. The same applies to spiritual laws of sacred relationships. 

Add the following elements to stabilize energy following a toxic relationship with a Twin Flame.

  • Find the blessings in the Twin Flame relationship.
  • Give gratitude for your connection and finding each other in this lifetime.
  • End all suffering in the relationship by treating yourself and each other with kindness.
  • Don’t block them or try to shut them out of your life for any reason.
  • Avoid creating the intermittent relationship.
  • Stop ruminating the past.
  • Allow love to breathe by knowing you can love from afar.
  • Honor the sacred nature of the relationship with every thought, intention, and action.
  • Stop making up stories about the Twin Flame relationship.
  • Refocus your attention toward your passions and life purpose.
  • Engage in exercise, getting restful sleep, and energy balancing or healing.
  • Spend time in meditation to discover more about yourself and life.
  • Awaken to the truth of your life and take full responsibility for your actions.
  • Release all expectations and stop blaming others
  • Work toward loving yourself in every way (the reason your Twin Flame showed up).
  • Engage in the highest measures of self care.
  • Fall in love with your life.

Angel Whisper on Twin Flames

Twin Flame relationships will never be understood in terms of black and white, which means people are best served moving away from any limitations in thought or beliefs around the term. If two people are attracted to each other and fall in love, and if their individual spiritual growth is in alignment, love will follow naturally. The mind thinks it knows everything, but the Higher Self has the elevated view of life where the truth can be seen.

The bond between the Lower and Higher Self must be broken to ensure a healthy relationship between Twin Flames. It takes effort to raise self awareness to the level of breaking that bond. Negative emotions must be released, which is the duty of every human being and the influence of the Twin Flame. Once the bond is broken, the spirit rises and awakens by taking full responsibility for every action. When every life event can be experienced as neither good nor bad, the soul has grown to reach a higher vibration connected to compassion, balance, harmony, and peace.

Two people can journey through this life without causing injury, harm, or suffering to each other. Every action is a choice and every reaction is a measure of the soul. Self-care is self-love. Finding the key to loving yourself is the most spiritual thing any person can do. Loving yourself and your fellow human beings is the duty and responsibility of every person. Otherwise, you become responsible for projecting darkness and negativity to create an absence of love in the world.

Awaken to the higher nature of your existence by cleansing from the past and living in the only reality available to you, which is this moment. Right here and right now is the only time and space where truth of your existence is fully available.


Twin Flames are a type of spiritual zygote; two independent energies that start as one. Soon after creation, individual development of two separate souls begin arranging themselves by filling the hollow cells of energy. A replica is an exact copy, while a duplicate means having two or more identical parts. Some part of the twin souls remain identical throughout eternity, while other aspects form separate identities, personalities, behaviors, and idiosyncrasies. Twin Flames are duplicates, which means they remain identical in only a few areas.

Strangers who have experienced similar traumas such as abandonment, abuse, loss, injury, suffering or harm, carry a vibration that can attracts those who have had similar experiences. Like survivors that gather together with other survivors, the Twin Flame carries the same qualities of attraction with each other throughout eternity. Members can leave their survival group for various reasons, such as not being heard, not feeling a benefit, not at being in the same place spiritually, or being triggered to express negative emotions. Leaving would indicate they are not ready to match the vibrations of the group. The same holds true for Twin Flames. Being wrong and not being ready are not the same thing, so discernment is needed to sort out all aspects of a Twin Flame relationship.

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The 5 Ingredients to Healing


The healing begins with a dose of awareness. In a moment of reflection on the path to wellness, there is often remembrance of that moment of realization. The day the shift toward the positive resolution of a disharmony began in a moment of clarity or truth. The energy assessment can be part of that memory. Working with clients offers repeated opportunities to witness that ah ha moment through viewing the eyes of realization. The discovery was made and the healing began. In case studies, an imbalance can shift immediately upon the discoveries made during an energy assessment.

The connection between an accurate illumination of an imbalance and the awareness that follows, is truly a fulfilling experience that is hard to match with any other human experience. To be a small part of another person’s healing is the reward that makes the effort worth every challenge found with the process personal transformation. At the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts, we take pride in helping others with this key ingredient to healing by helping those interested in performing an accurate energy assessment of human systems. Through this single act of service, awareness is discovered.


The intentional act of creating sustainable movement toward the positive realization of dreams cannot be overstated. Many people are unfamiliar with setting an intention, which is often confused with setting goals. Intentions are the energy that creates the state of mind needed to overcome a challenge. Intentions are the energy behind the goals. The intention sets the energy internally and externally, by creating a message to the Universe. The Universe responds to the establishment of an intention in the most supportive ways beyond what can be imagined. The result is the release of limitations based in thoughts, beliefs, negative emotions, attachments, and sometimes people.

A teacher once said to his group of seekers, going through a process of healing without an intention is like getting on a bus with no idea where it’s going. Intentions make the individual the master of ceremonies of their own life force, forging a vacuum that nature will always fill. The collective support from every source, lifts the individual like a wave carries the surfer toward the beach with increasing momentum on a natural continuum. Every healthy resolution of an imbalance, starts with an intentional expression on some level of human consciousness.


Gratitude is the energy that provides a boost to the collection of ingredients. Gratitude demonstrates an abundance of the resource known as kindness and appreciation. The way a person expressed their gratitude can vary, but conveyance of gratitude establishes energetic stability. This is why the importance of exchanging for energy sessions is emphasized. In case studies, it becomes obvious that people do not find the highest levels of benefit from free energy healing. Those that give the most gratitude, experience the greatest results from energy healing.

Some feel that spiritual work should be offered for free. This is merely ego creating a spiritual bypass of the truth. The truth is that both the healer and client find balance in the expression of gratitude as an essential ingredient to healing. Even when there is no monetary exchange for healing work, there are numerous ways that gratitude can be conveyed. The avoidance of addressing the issue of exchange, indicates a block in the energy creating limitations.


The energy of love is what facilitates the energy of healing. The energy of love is found in an external source, such as God, Universal Consciousness, Oneness, Nature, family, animals, and any organized system that serves to fill the heart with a connection to grace and divinity. Without love, the human energy system experiences deficiency on some level. Healing is a form of ascension in the body. As each person incarnates to learn lessons of love on the return to sovereignty, small doses of that source of live-giving energy creates the lift needed on that journey.

Dr. Marcel Vogel once stated through his laboratory studies as a spiritual scientist, Love is the glue that bonds all matter. He also discovered that Love is the primary unit of life and Hatred is the negative unit of life. Illness and disharmony is the spirit’s inability to handle the negative emotions. As we learn more about the mind/body connection, it becomes clear that almost every disharmony can be traced to a metaphysical aspect around negative expression of emotions. In the highest act of creating healing, it is obvious that we must let love the lead the way to open the door to the healing energy of the heart.


This is possibly the most overlooked element of energy healing or the process of healing. The ceremonious act seals the light around healing by creating the bond with the providence of Divinity. The structure of the ceremony is irrelevant. It’s the act of the spirit connecting to a power greater than the self, that provides the foundation for organizing the complex structure around healing or the healing architecture.

Ceremony brings into alignment the core values of individual vibration. Civilizations and various cultures have engaged in ceremonious offerings since ancient times, as a way to connect with what lies in the hidden realms. The ceremony creates ancient stirrings within, as a way to remember who we are and why we came to Earth. In that remembrance, there is illumination on the path in the return to personal sovereignty.

Energy assessments are the path. Intention is the key that unlocks the door. Gratitude opens the door. Love is the magnetic force that draws you through the door. Ceremony is the fire that warms the heart beyond the doorway to the healing energy within.

Overcoming Cancer Through Spirituality and Reiki

Chemotherapy, radiation and other treatments are well-known to cancer patients who’re constantly looking for the newest solutions for their disease. Mesothelioma is a particular cancer that’s difficult to treat, but there are some alternative health choices for patients. In fact, overcoming cancer is possible through spirituality and Reiki practices.

Reiki Basics

According to Psyche Central Reiki is the process of transferring life-force energies between two people. While this concept sounds unusual, patients are reporting positive results after several sessions of this treatment. Cancer patients lay on a table as a caregiver holds their hands above the body. The professionals may even press against the skin in certain areas. This alternative treatment may tap into the electromagnetic energy that forms between two people close together. Regardless of the treatment’s mechanism, patients emerge from the procedure with a clear mind and better physiology than before.

The Power of the Mind

A patient’s mind can be the greatest gift or weapon against a developing cancer. Anxiety and stress force emergency-response hormones into the body, which leads to a weakened immune system. The cancer can develop more rapidly in these health cases. As patients use their minds for positive thinking through spirituality, the psyche and body find an equilibrium. The immune system doesn’t have negative hormones running through the body so it has a chance to fight off the cancer. Although cancer can’t be forced into remission with just the mind, it’s still a powerful tool that can help a physical treatment move forward with positive results.

Developing Trust With a Caregiver

A critical part of these alternative treatments is trust between the caregiver and patient. It’s important to forge a bond through friendship and respect. Patients will feel calm and collected as they allow the professional to survey their bodies. Treatment experts might focus in on one body part that’s known to be severely affected by the cancer. By sharing information with the caregiver, the patient benefits with a more thorough procedure. Patients will normally return to the caregiver several times a month so this friendship plays an important role.

Possible Chemical Influences

When a patient feels good about themselves, positive hormones spread throughout the body. This phenomenon is known among scientists, and it’s possible that chemical influences also occur during these treatment sessions, states the International Center for Reiki Training. As caregivers pass their hands across the body, the mind notices the changes in air pressure and touch through skin receptors. In response, good hormones are released from the glands. These hormones can possibly impact cancer tumors, which slowly breaks them down. Scientists are still narrowing down the chemical pathways, but strong spirituality and alternative procedures seem to be leading the way.

The facts surrounding mesothelioma are clear because several decades of research have been dedicated to this asbestos-based disease. Confronting a diagnosis with proactive solutions is the only way to set a patient on a healthy pathway. In the end, the cancer can break down and go into remission in patients who try alternative means to survive.

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Conflict Resolution With the Angels

Despite the fact that I have been teaching angelic communication for several years and have been working with client’s on messaging their angels, I still need reminders of the valuable asset available to me at all times. I have publicly admitted that rule breakers can trigger me into taking actions that I often regret. Taking on the position of enforcer never seems to end well, so I often find that I face internal conflict when it comes to those who break rules. The entire process usually ends when I bite my lip.

Case in point, I have a really nice family that lives next door. When they put in their swimming pool, we tolerated what my distant neighbor described best when he asked me one day. “Are they putting in an entrance ramp to Mopac (our closest major highway) on your street?” The joke was funny in a sick kind of way. After days of digging into solid rock that shook the foundation of our house, back-up beepers filling the air, and construction workers standing in our front yard next to their trucks, the pool was completed and our fence was broken in several places. Their solution was build a new fence attached to our posts so that the broken fence was no longer an eyesore on their side of the fence. Our fence broken by the construction of the pool was quickly outside of their awareness. I had to speak up and ask for the fence to be repaired. Imagine my reaction to finding some fence pickets and nails left on my porch.

Then there were the pool parties and the new lack of privacy. They built a high wall on one end of the pool right beside our fence. Now they could stand next to their pool like a giant ten-foot tall human with our six foot privacy fence coming up just above their stomach. Sitting on our back porch in the evening watching the birds, had now shifted into screaming pool giants peering with their wet naked bodies over the fence 20 feet away. We gave up our peace for weeks and now we were being asked to give up our privacy and peace. Did I mention the same neighbor mows their yard at after dark?

Now the latest development is with a boat they have decided to park in the street for the past few weeks. Between the boat and lake paraphernalia spread across the yard, we were facing another dilemma……tolerate or complain. It is hard to tolerate something that is against the law and considered an eyesore, especially when the eyesore was parked right outside our front window! Who wants to complain or be the neighborhood enforcer? The rules of the neighborhood association and the city are pretty clear regarding boats parked on the street. So once again, we were being asked to tolerate another form of entitlement and inconsiderate self-absorbed behavior.

Two weeks went by as my wife and I discussed daily the best course of action, but by the end of the second week our patience was wearing thin. We talked about it all the way to the gym and as we started our workout, we ran into another dilemma. Another pet peeve that we both share is when people at the gym don’t wipe down their equipment. We do a thirty-minute work-out routine at the gym, and there is a lot of sweating. When someone is ahead of us on the equipment, the issue of wiping off their sweat becomes an essential to avoid the gross factor. The practice is one of the few rules at the gym, and most people recognize the need and comply.

Not on this day as we encountered man who was leaving major sweat balls on the machines just in front of us. As I started wiping them down, I found myself getting more and more angry. WhenI started ruminating what I was going to say, I could feel the passive aggression building into my system. “Excuse me sir, would you mind buying your mother a gym membership, so SHE CAN CLEAN UP AFTER YOU!” or how about “Would you like for me to get a trainer so they can show you best ways to clean-up after yourself?” The zingers one-liners were building, when I realized that I had better watch my thoughts. Remember when I stated that I usually regret when I take on the responsibility of trying to enforce the rules? I don’t want uncomfortable work-outs for the next six months, just because I decided to speak out against the newest gym-sharing member.

I was mentally asking what my next course of action would be, when the whisper came in. Oh, I had asked! Duh, I teach everyone to ask, ask, and ask some more, if they ever expect to get help from the spirit realm. Just the simple act of asking creates the lowering of free will in order to receive, which is the key to opening the channels of communication to the angels. Those non-physical beings that occupy the angelic realm, are masters of conflict resolution. I’ve experienced it enough to know, yet I am still the human goober that forgets. My ah ha moment and subsequent request had such an immediate response, that it surprised me.

I simply asked my angels to communicate to the gym member’s angels that we would love it if he would clean up his sweat off the equipment after each use. The request was issued and within 2 seconds, that’s right 2 seconds, he got up and went to the cleaning station for the first time, sprayed some paper towels with cleaner, and proceeded to wipe down his equipment. Some might argue this was simply a coincidence, but we had been there quite some time without any attempt to clean up on his part. Plus the timing was evidence on some level. Besides, the effect was that I was free to experience my workout without any negativity!

As we left the gym, my wife asked if I noticed the unusual way the man suddenly took responsibility. I smiled and told her what had happened. Then I mentioned how I should already know how this works, but often forget to ask for help with my everyday life issues. I was beaming when I told her we needed to use the method on the boat. She said YES, and we both asked for our angels to communicate with our neighbor’s angels that they should take responsibility and move the boat. She was a little deflated when we got home to the boat in its same location, to which I responded that we need to give it a little more time. After all it was a big boat!

The next morning when the boat was there, my wife mentioned that she wasn’t sure how much longer we should tolerate the boat on the street in front of our house. I told her we should give the angels one full day on the request. Within a few hours I heard some sound out front, and looked out the window to see the boat was gone! The street and yard were clean and the boat was gone within 24 hours of the request, We laughed but couldn’t help to wonder if this was a temporary shift or if we would see the boat back in the afternoon. It has been a few days now and the boat has not returned.

For the skeptics on how making a request to an angel and seeing immediate results could possibly be a reality, I could agree that yes it’s possibly a well-timed coincidence. But to me that doesn’t matter. What matters is the freedom from the conflict and the agony of making a decision to take action. We were free from the eyesore and the need to do something. We were free from any of the burdens that come with conflict. In my eyes, angels are the best negotiators and should be evoked in any type of conflict at any level, from family conflicts to legal ones, it never hurts to feel relief no matter the source.

Space Oddity

Soul retrieval is an ancient form of healing following the tribal belief that all illness was a result of an issue with the soul. By healing the etheric body, wellness could be restored at all levels. Even by today’s standard, it is believed that there is a metaphysical cause that creates any imbalance leading to disharmony, disease, or illness. We also know that environmental and genetic influences can play a role with any form of disharmony, but it stands to reason that resolving any issue with the soul can bring balance through a focus on energy.

With understanding basic concepts around disruptions at the soul level, the detective in me was thirsty for more. I wanted to know all the different types of soul fragmentation, in order to target the specific needs of my client. So I immersed myself into the information as I studied the different categories of fragmentation and then applyed those to the experiences of working with my clients.

One of my clients this last week was a fortyish male that had seen such a remarkable difference in the behavior of his 14 year-old son after a session with me, that he came in to experience my work. His intention was around a haunting feeling that he had experienced for his entire life. He felt like a part of him was missing and his mild manner had turned to anger repeatedly during the course of his life with regard to this sense of separation. As we worked together to assess his energy, it became clear that he had a soul fragmentation and 30% of his energy was remote. His description of his experiences was a perfect match for the reality of his energetic imabalnce. One of my impression was this was his first lifetime on this Earth, which might seem unusual to some and not so far-fetched to others.

I explained the process of welcoming his energy back into his mind/body space, along with the potential for a behavior modification in the next few weeks as he integrated and transformed himself. He was all in and when I asked how he felt about the assessment and information, he replied ‘hopeful’. We moved over to the light table and began the process of the soul retrieval. As the fragments of consciousness began to return, a movie began to play in my head.

What I was seeing in my mind’s eye began with a portal in a starry sky that opened to a spaceship falling out of the portal. I saw energy forms looking a screen on the spaceship, and on that screen was a male and a female. The impression was he was choosing parents. (Keep in mind that intuitive information from spirit comes across in many forms, and usually in a metaphoric sense so that we can easily interpret.) As he exited the spaceship, his energy body fell to this Earth.

As the energy raced toward the planet, there was a problem….a miscalculation. Part of the energy of his spirit split apart, and the image was similar to fireworks or metal breaking apart in the atmosphere. It was an image similar to the one in the movie ‘After Earth’ when the spaceship broke apart and one section landed several miles away from the other section, essentially splitting the ship into two main debris fields. In the imagery with my client on the table, one main section landed into a human female and the process of gestation began, but there were parts missing

The entire movie played in my mind’s eye over a ten minute period, with my client on the energy device accepting his remote fragments in the retrieval of the soul. One of the more interesting features, was that there was a song was playing loudly like a soundtrack to a movie the entire time. That song was ‘Space Oddity,’ which was released as a single by David Bowie in July of 1969 a few months after my client was born! The lyrics are as follows.

Ground Control to Major Tom
Ground Control to Major Tom
Take your protein pills and put your helmet on
Ground Control to Major Tom (ten, nine, eight, seven, six)
Commencing countdown, engines on (five, four, three)
Check ignition and may God’s love be with you (two, one, liftoff)
This is Ground Control to Major Tom
You’ve really made the grade
And the papers want to know whose shirts you wear
Now it’s time to leave the capsule if you dare
“This is Major Tom to Ground Control
I’m stepping through the door
And I’m floating in a most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today
For here
Am I sitting in a tin can
Far above the world
Planet Earth is blue
And there’s nothing I can do
Though I’m past one hundred thousand miles
I’m feeling very still
And I think my spaceship knows which way to go
Tell my wife I love her very much she knows
Ground Control to Major Tom
Your circuit’s dead, there’s something wrong
Can you hear me, Major Tom?
Can you hear me, Major Tom?
Can you hear me, Major Tom?
Can you “Here am I floating ’round my tin can
Far above the moon
Planet Earth is blue
And there’s nothing I can do

The session had such a high vibration that the feelings were inescapable. The client said he felt calm on the inside and very together following the session. The next day, I heard from him when he shared that he was in his vehicle at a stop light and the song Space Oddity began to play on the radio, which to him was an affirmation from the Universe. He continued to feel calm and together as he integrated the energy.

The message sparked something inside me. I researched the song and found that it was recorded in February of 1969. The clients birthday was in April of 1969, which means the David Bowie was inspired to write that song while my client was in the womb of his mother. You can’t make this stuff up!