Video footage of an Angel

One of the joys of my work is receiving things like this. As a skeptic and someone who works with them, I have been fed golden nuggets of information that help you believe in things that you have stood for. This is one of those times! ~R~

Thanks Lawrence!


starting a blog

Test…..testing……test….can you read me now? I am starting a blog thanks to Jennifer. Her insight and assisstance so far has been……well priceless. My name is Russell Forsyth and at first I was resistant to the idea of blogging, mainly because i didn’t really understand the concept. The way Jennifer and explained it was brilliantly inviting and deliciously palatable, so here I am!

It just goes to show that it always help to get advice and guidance form several sources, whether it is a friend, a professional or a divine source like the angels. All-in-all, I have only spent a couple of hours, learned a lot and now I get to expand on those thoughts, ideas or creative juices that flow around starting a new project. My only suggestion is to make it fun and everything else will fall into place……..test…..testing……can you read me now?