All you need is love!

It sounds so cliché, but I think the Beatles were onto something. The peace and love movement back then was nothing new, except maybe for the way it was presented. In most healing arenas, it is essential to add love and to the skeptic you need to add proof.

The Crystal is unique as a mineral, in that it vibrates at the same rate (456) as the human body and water. When you combine this resonance with fact that it is a storage information device and a transducer, you can start to understand the power of the crystal as a healing tool. In crystal healing there are three essentials to creating optimum success.

• You must hold the belief that you have the ability to heal yourself. This can be challenging to some individuals to grasp, especially if you have been blocked in this area.

• It is also necessary to have a belief system that supports the idea that there is a power higher than the self such as God, Spirit, Source, Little Green Men, etc.

• The ability to love yourself and feel love from others. I have witnessed where some people struggle in the area of directing loving energy toward themselves, yet the higher the capacity to love brings the greater the benefit to healing.

Marcel Vogel was a devout Catholic that decided to take love into the laboratory. He conducted several experiments with other scientist who would often walk away when there was tangible evidence to document the effects of adding love. One such experiment showed a thirty five to forty percent increase in size when directing unconditional love for one hour a day to the growth of a blade of grass.

When Marcel installed a strip chart recorder to a houseplant, he proved that his thoughts could be measured on the device from 10, 20….even 100 feet. He then measured his loving thoughts fourteen miles away with the same result. Dr. Vogel traveled to Prague Czechoslovakia and measured the same thought pattern wave form results from 8,000 miles!

Dr. Vogel’s laboratory work also led to groundbreaking discoveries in the treatment of water. These early experiments led to Dr. Emoto’s more recent study of water and the effects from directing loving thoughts. By using the crystal for the purpose of healing, you are programming the crystal to restructure the water in your body to your specific healing intentions.

With these theories in place, you can set an intention for your healing that is stored in the crystal through thought and a process known as ‘igniting the crystal’. Then by making a connection with the physical body, the etheric body and the divine, the healing information is transferred. This creates the restructuring or re-patterning of the water molecules in your bloodstream.

This process creates a ‘shift’ in the energy field of the individual and is felt by one of three ways:

Crystal vibrations are felt more by some then others as they can be
subtle. The more powerful the crystal device, the stronger it vibrates.

A transfer of heat from a crystal can be very strong and
instantaneous. There is often a rise in room temperature during these

The transfer of light often appears in the mind’s eye in the form of
different flashes of colored light. This can be associated the body’s
natural EMF or electromagnetic field, or what is also commonly
known as your aura.

Crystal healing has been compared to Reiki, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Energy work, etc. and usually leaves you with a smile on your face. The customary close to a crystal healing session is a big hug that says “all you need is love”.