The 5 Ingredients to Healing


The healing begins with a dose of awareness. In a moment of reflection on the path to wellness, there is often remembrance of that moment of realization. The day the shift toward the positive resolution of a disharmony began in a moment of clarity or truth. The energy assessment can be part of that memory. Working with clients offers repeated opportunities to witness that ah ha moment through viewing the eyes of realization. The discovery was made and the healing began. In case studies, an imbalance can shift immediately upon the discoveries made during an energy assessment.

The connection between an accurate illumination of an imbalance and the awareness that follows, is truly a fulfilling experience that is hard to match with any other human experience. To be a small part of another person’s healing is the reward that makes the effort worth every challenge found with the process personal transformation. At the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts, we take pride in helping others with this key ingredient to healing by helping those interested in performing an accurate energy assessment of human systems. Through this single act of service, awareness is discovered.


The intentional act of creating sustainable movement toward the positive realization of dreams cannot be overstated. Many people are unfamiliar with setting an intention, which is often confused with setting goals. Intentions are the energy that creates the state of mind needed to overcome a challenge. Intentions are the energy behind the goals. The intention sets the energy internally and externally, by creating a message to the Universe. The Universe responds to the establishment of an intention in the most supportive ways beyond what can be imagined. The result is the release of limitations based in thoughts, beliefs, negative emotions, attachments, and sometimes people.

A teacher once said to his group of seekers, going through a process of healing without an intention is like getting on a bus with no idea where it’s going. Intentions make the individual the master of ceremonies of their own life force, forging a vacuum that nature will always fill. The collective support from every source, lifts the individual like a wave carries the surfer toward the beach with increasing momentum on a natural continuum. Every healthy resolution of an imbalance, starts with an intentional expression on some level of human consciousness.


Gratitude is the energy that provides a boost to the collection of ingredients. Gratitude demonstrates an abundance of the resource known as kindness and appreciation. The way a person expressed their gratitude can vary, but conveyance of gratitude establishes energetic stability. This is why the importance of exchanging for energy sessions is emphasized. In case studies, it becomes obvious that people do not find the highest levels of benefit from free energy healing. Those that give the most gratitude, experience the greatest results from energy healing.

Some feel that spiritual work should be offered for free. This is merely ego creating a spiritual bypass of the truth. The truth is that both the healer and client find balance in the expression of gratitude as an essential ingredient to healing. Even when there is no monetary exchange for healing work, there are numerous ways that gratitude can be conveyed. The avoidance of addressing the issue of exchange, indicates a block in the energy creating limitations.


The energy of love is what facilitates the energy of healing. The energy of love is found in an external source, such as God, Universal Consciousness, Oneness, Nature, family, animals, and any organized system that serves to fill the heart with a connection to grace and divinity. Without love, the human energy system experiences deficiency on some level. Healing is a form of ascension in the body. As each person incarnates to learn lessons of love on the return to sovereignty, small doses of that source of live-giving energy creates the lift needed on that journey.

Dr. Marcel Vogel once stated through his laboratory studies as a spiritual scientist, Love is the glue that bonds all matter. He also discovered that Love is the primary unit of life and Hatred is the negative unit of life. Illness and disharmony is the spirit’s inability to handle the negative emotions. As we learn more about the mind/body connection, it becomes clear that almost every disharmony can be traced to a metaphysical aspect around negative expression of emotions. In the highest act of creating healing, it is obvious that we must let love the lead the way to open the door to the healing energy of the heart.


This is possibly the most overlooked element of energy healing or the process of healing. The ceremonious act seals the light around healing by creating the bond with the providence of Divinity. The structure of the ceremony is irrelevant. It’s the act of the spirit connecting to a power greater than the self, that provides the foundation for organizing the complex structure around healing or the healing architecture.

Ceremony brings into alignment the core values of individual vibration. Civilizations and various cultures have engaged in ceremonious offerings since ancient times, as a way to connect with what lies in the hidden realms. The ceremony creates ancient stirrings within, as a way to remember who we are and why we came to Earth. In that remembrance, there is illumination on the path in the return to personal sovereignty.

Energy assessments are the path. Intention is the key that unlocks the door. Gratitude opens the door. Love is the magnetic force that draws you through the door. Ceremony is the fire that warms the heart beyond the doorway to the healing energy within.


Overcoming Cancer Through Spirituality and Reiki

Chemotherapy, radiation and other treatments are well-known to cancer patients who’re constantly looking for the newest solutions for their disease. Mesothelioma is a particular cancer that’s difficult to treat, but there are some alternative health choices for patients. In fact, overcoming cancer is possible through spirituality and Reiki practices.

Reiki Basics

According to Psyche Central Reiki is the process of transferring life-force energies between two people. While this concept sounds unusual, patients are reporting positive results after several sessions of this treatment. Cancer patients lay on a table as a caregiver holds their hands above the body. The professionals may even press against the skin in certain areas. This alternative treatment may tap into the electromagnetic energy that forms between two people close together. Regardless of the treatment’s mechanism, patients emerge from the procedure with a clear mind and better physiology than before.

The Power of the Mind

A patient’s mind can be the greatest gift or weapon against a developing cancer. Anxiety and stress force emergency-response hormones into the body, which leads to a weakened immune system. The cancer can develop more rapidly in these health cases. As patients use their minds for positive thinking through spirituality, the psyche and body find an equilibrium. The immune system doesn’t have negative hormones running through the body so it has a chance to fight off the cancer. Although cancer can’t be forced into remission with just the mind, it’s still a powerful tool that can help a physical treatment move forward with positive results.

Developing Trust With a Caregiver

A critical part of these alternative treatments is trust between the caregiver and patient. It’s important to forge a bond through friendship and respect. Patients will feel calm and collected as they allow the professional to survey their bodies. Treatment experts might focus in on one body part that’s known to be severely affected by the cancer. By sharing information with the caregiver, the patient benefits with a more thorough procedure. Patients will normally return to the caregiver several times a month so this friendship plays an important role.

Possible Chemical Influences

When a patient feels good about themselves, positive hormones spread throughout the body. This phenomenon is known among scientists, and it’s possible that chemical influences also occur during these treatment sessions, states the International Center for Reiki Training. As caregivers pass their hands across the body, the mind notices the changes in air pressure and touch through skin receptors. In response, good hormones are released from the glands. These hormones can possibly impact cancer tumors, which slowly breaks them down. Scientists are still narrowing down the chemical pathways, but strong spirituality and alternative procedures seem to be leading the way.

The facts surrounding mesothelioma are clear because several decades of research have been dedicated to this asbestos-based disease. Confronting a diagnosis with proactive solutions is the only way to set a patient on a healthy pathway. In the end, the cancer can break down and go into remission in patients who try alternative means to survive.

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Healing Humanity with the New Earth Energies

The year 2013 brought in new energy around the the Harmonic Crystal Light Bed©, as changes and improvement brought the next generation that became the Forsyth Crystal Light Table©. The new version holds updated technology, designs, and methods that can greatly enhance the crystal light table experience. The combination of elements that were part of the original, are still vibrant aspects of the updated version that makes the Forsyth Crystal Light Table© such a unique experience.

The new lighting system washes the entire body in a color-filled balancing energy that includes the full spectrum of light. Chromotherapy has been around since the ancient Egyptians first began using the Sun to reflect light on people with illnesses. This modality has been scientifically proven to have benefits that improve health. Chromotherapy treatment, including chakra balancing, can be used alone, or to compliment other spa therapies. Color-based therapy aims to restore the balance of the body’s electrical and magnetic fields, addressing illness at its core. Chromotherapy is now available at many leading spas and naturopathic clinics, and has no known negative side effects.

Magnetic therapy uses elements that follow specific pathways in the human body to increase blood flow and circulation through direct contact. Magnetic field therapy intends to treat the problems, by balancing the magnetic power of the body with that of the earth, and by covering up the magnetic deficiency arising in the former. Magnetic field therapy has been seen to have anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects, which can decrease the amount of time needed to heal. This natural energy of the earth has been used to compliment the treatment of such disharmonies as arthritis, high blood pressures, carpal tunnel, post surgical pain, back-related pain, depression and many other ailments. This energetic shift toward the positive, can occur mostly by improving blood circulation, increasing energy flow, reduction of stress, and the release of negative energy.


The Vogel-Cut® crystals, and the fine cut crystal generators by Lawrence Stoller used during a session, will hold the energy of the intended purpose in a way that messages the body through heat, light, and vibration. A revised method of setting intentions with the crystal, gives each session a dedicated and clean communication device that will treat the water in the body with your intended focus and healing protocol that is secific to the individual. With the use of breath, thought, and focused intention, each session on the new Forsyth Crystal Light Table©, can become a cosmic gateway to the desired results.

The sound of the crystal bowls continue to be a major component of the table, as they create energy flow through crystalline vibrations delivered within sound waves. Crystals act as an oscillator and transmitter of frequencies that bring calmness to relieve stress and restore the body. Clearing energy and balancing chakras are predominate aspects experienced while embracing the sound vibrations containing pure crystalline light. Crystal bowls can help integrate and balance  electromagnetic energy field, also known as the aura.

Some features of the Forsyth Crystal Light Table© used to move body, mind, and spirit energy, remain the trade secrets that hold the key to success. The combination of modalities and techniques found within the Forsyth Crystal Light Table, creating an experience of a lifetime for many users. In addition, through careful conscious recording of the bowls in both 440hz and 432hz, a spa model has been developed that requires no trained practitioner and is perfect for energy healers that want hands free capabilities, individual users, and organizations dedicated to helping humanity.

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Forsyth Crystal Light Bed©

Archangel Raphael, Dr. Garcia and the Crystal Bed

Archangel Raphael, Dr. Garcia and the Crystal Bed

In April of 2006, I became interested in crystals and their healing properties. As an ANGEL THERAPIST©, I was giving readings and connecting with angels for others as I started receiving information regarding the construction of a crystal healing bed. I soon came to believe that this information was coming from Archangel Raphael.

With an offer to use the basement of a historic house in my neighborhood, I spent my spare time assembling something that I knew very little about. My wife was very patient with the time consuming and costly venture as she would gently ask me “How do you know that thing will work?” I would just smile and tell her I didn’t know how, but I had faith that it would work!

This particular crystal bed combines ancient and modern modalities such as light (chromo-therapy), sound, vibrational, magnetic and crystal therapies to form a unique experience. I was also guided to read a book called the “Wings of Heaven” that described a stone placement formation called Archangel Michael’s gate, which is a gateway to the angelic realm. I added this feature to the bed as well.

Several times during the process, I felt as if someone was looking over my shoulder as I worked in this vacant house, considered by many to be the haunted house of the neighborhood. As it turns out, the house had historic designation as the “Garcia House”, due to the fact that the owner started the first Mexican-American newspaper in the state of Texas. He was also known as Dr Garcia and as I worked in the house, I discovered old glass test tubes and remnants of the life he led.

The current owner of the property told me stories of how he had converted the house into a mini-hospital that treated immigrants who could not afford health care. In return, they would perform duties around the property as their exchange for the treatments. I often felt the presence of Dr. Garcia and Archangel Raphael in that basement.

I finished the project in fifteen months and invited a friend to experience a trial on the crystal bed. The thirty minutes session was interesting, as part of her intentions for the session were to find out if she should fly to Florida to visit her ailing mother. Toward the end of her time on the bed, a small plane flew right over the house at a low altitude to deliver a message from the angel guides that the time was right. She described an overwhelming feeling of peace from her time on the crystal bed that was unique to the world.

I moved the bed to my house and began to offer the crystal bed to my clients and it quickly began to fill my practice. Looking back, I think that Archangel Raphael was ‘training’ me on how to use the crystal bed with the sessions morphing into a prescribed standard of treatment.

As I began each session, an emerald green light would fill my minds’ eye to signal the arrival of Archangel Raphael. Having worked with Archangel Michael in my angel readings, Archangel Raphael’s energy was quite different. His energy was more like a doctor, a loving doctor that often delivered important information on how to deal with an illness, pain or emotional issue.

I would often get an image of someone leaning over the client and working to remove cords and string-like objects, especially from the area of the heart. In addition, I would get visions of the bones, tissue and the flow of blood as a way to message me that these were areas receiving energetic movements.

The experiences with the crystal bed have been wide-ranging and at times mind-blowing with the results. With a background as a carpenter, I often wondered why this information would come to me, until one client pointed out that the angel could easily message me with information about construction, in addition to the information regarding healing.

As an alternative practitioner, I often see people who do not resonate with western medicine or have inoperable situations such as tumors or heart conditions. In one case, I did two sessions with a woman that suffered from blocked arteries and had a genetic heart condition from birth which resulted in doctors turning her down for treatment. After the second session, she walked down my driveway and threw away her nine prescriptions, unbeknown to me. A year later, she reported what she had done and told me that from that day forward, she never suffered an angina attack. Prior to our visit, she had suffered from those painful attacks on a daily basis.

In another case, a woman found me after discovering that she had an aggressive form of breast cancer that had already produced a sizable tumor on her left side. After one treatment and visualization prescriptions from Archangel Raphael, she returned to her oncologist who reported the tumor was shrinking. I might add at this point, she undertook a strict regimen of diet and exercise in addition to her alternative therapy and remained under the guidance of a doctor and nutritionist. The doctors recommended surgery and hormone replacement therapy which she rejected. My client evoked her intuition and free will as she threw away her prescriptions with her faith in the angels and process that she had undertaken.

Some two years after the crystal bed was constructed, one of the grandchildren of Dr. Garcia unexpectedly made contact with me. Upon our meeting, she informed me that Dr. Garcia was interested in the metaphysical and not many people knew that about him. He practiced yoga and worked with crystals wands with copper windings. This was shocking information with the way the crystal bed is constructed utilizing copper, crystals and some of the principles of yoga among other things. Dr. Garcia must have added his energy to the process in more ways than I imagined.

There is a new story of healing everyday on the crystal bed built by angels, and I attribute that to Archangel Raphael, my eagerness to learn and a person’s willingness to step into their own natural abilities. I often tell my clients that I am merely a helper and someone who listens. In the beginning, I was attached to the outcome of the services that I provide, but Archangel Raphael helped me with the patience and expertise of a master counselor, by placing the energy of control and outcomes in the hands of the client and the Highest Power.

The feeling of helping people heal from such things as Cancer, addictions, emotional distress and pain is something that is hard to express in words, but I feel like when you request healing energy and help from Archangel Raphael (he who heals with God) and open your heart to the possibility that miracles exist, you have laid the groundwork for the acceptance of miracles in your life.