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Angel Whispers~Ocean


The ocean is as beautiful as it is mysterious. The surface reflects the colors of light given from the expanse of the endless sky, as it changes within each moment. The ever-changing movement reminds us of the inevitable change that each of us must face. Beneath the surface lives the constant mystery of things we cannot see.

With an undeniable energy, the ocean offers a feeling unlike any other on earth. It is an energy that is constant, powerful, cleansing, penetrating, and holds beauty like nothing else on earth. Each wave carries the power of a living, breathing, moving organism connected to the cosmic realm of the sun and the moon.

The birds float on the constant breeze that bathes each moment in wonder. Pelicans appear as ancient creatures that glide along the waves, skimming just above the water with the tip of a wing touching the surface like a feather brushing the cheek of a child. Now for a whisper from an angel on the ocean:

The waters of the ocean are the life-force energy that pumps through the heart and soul of the Earth. Formed over the eons, the oceans are the eternal mirror of the human species…. ever-changing and evolving from the current of possibilities. The element of water holds the ancient wisdom in a divine matrix of the combined elements of air, fire, and the earth. Inside the cosmic womb of creation, life-force energies form a constant vibration in the power of the ocean.

You are but a part of creation, like a single drop of water in the vast oceans held only by the limits of your own vision. The ocean horizon ends where your heart begins to grasp what lies beyond the dimension of space and time that occupies this present moment. Feel the ocean pounding in your heart to know your place in this world.

The masculine energy of the crashing waves on the beach becomes a perfect balance with the feminine energy of the calm waters beyond the waves. The water pulls back from the pull of the moon, only to surrender to the fullness of the tide waters. The constant movement connects each person to their conscious waves of emotional freedom found in the god or goddess within.

Listen to the language of the ocean to know why you are here, and to embrace the dimension that does not know words. The sound of the ocean is a vibration, an energy, and a frequency that casts away anything that is unloving, with both a fury and a peaceful calm found in the balance of nature. The power and the willingness to flow energy with the waters of life is the gift of your connection to the ocean.

The ocean is absolute and limitless, unwilling to yield or stay the same, in a constant state of change and stillness, merciful and merciless, loving and detached, eternal and held in a state that knows time. The ocean is life.     DSCN1111