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Being Late

Do you, or someone you know, have issues with being on time? There seems to be an energetic or spiritual component to this aspect of personality. According to author Phil Fox Rose, self-seeking is when you choose your own gain over the interests of others. Self-seeking behavior intends to maximize the productivity or convenience of your own time at the expense of other people’s schedules.            

Self-centeredness, on the other hand, means you are so focused on yourself and your concerns that you don’t even realize you’re harming others. Self-centered behavior does not notice people are bothered, or might not consider that your lateness has an impact on their serenity or productivity.

One of Rose’s blog readers pointed out that we all have grown up with over-stimulating crisis movies, which have imprinted the need for drama. This could lead to creating one crisis after another in the race against time to get things done! (tee tee) Does this explain an overall energy that most have been programmed with? Is chronic lateness part of some type of thrill that helps some people know they’re alive? Is it rude, and does being late do harm? Questions are building, which indicates a whisper is forthcoming on the subject of being late:


Being late can inform the individual that there are many layers to unfold, some going back to childhood. Not feeling seen as a child could create a hidden need for attention, or some form of resistance to time management. The subconscious may be driving the hidden perplexities of such a behavior pattern. On the surface, it could appear that the person being late has made a conscious choice to exhibit rude behavior, which may not be true.

A bad relationship with time can be karmic by nature. Once the pattern has manifested, it can be incredibly challenging to break away from. What lives in the hidden realms of human consciousness is like the vehicle you fail to see in your rear-view mirror while driving. Breaking the karmic pattern requires gleaning the lesson from the behavior, which can be delivered in the form of a harsh response from others. Once the lesson is accepted, sacred ceremony is recommended to make declarations of freedom from the need for more lessons with time.

Failure to keep your word, in any form, is the inability to express love for yourself and others. Unreliability erodes trust and serves to harm relationships, especially the relationship with yourself. The physical incarnation is the agreement to experience the continuum offered by time within the constraint of space and matter. These are the dimensions that offer the most practical aspects of knowledge for the souls. The vibrations that emerge from movement through these dimensions create resonant frequencies that hold the light and love that lead to awakening the soul with upward movement into the higher self.

The limitations experienced with time can feed an urgency with the life process that illuminates wisdom. Creating strategies that address the issues relating to time can build a structure of stability. A true awakening can come from healthy relationships that include keeping your word, earning the trust of others, and avoiding any behavior that fails to express love. Free yourself from limiting behaviors with regard to time as you journey on the path to finding peace.       

Spiritual discussions with a 5 year-old

I got a chance to spend some time with my grandson Brandon, who is five years old. I usually keep the door to my healing space closed when the family visits, but I had to go into my sacred space to get a light bulb that was stored in the room. He followed me into a room he has never seen before, (to my knowledge) and our conversation went like this:

Brandon: Why are we going into the surgery room?
Me: To get a light bulb.
Brandon: Why do you have a surgery room?
Me: I do surgery (tee hee)
Brandon: I thought that was only done in hospitals?
Me: Well, I don’t do that kind of surgery.
Brandon: What kind do you do?
Me: This kind. ( I made a face like Jaden Smith in the Karate kid when he won the match at the end. I turned my head sideways and got an intense look on my face. I used my right hand and made the longhorn symbol and pointed it at him while I made a buzzing sound…

Brandon: What kind of surgery is that? (with the cutest quiz face)
Me: Mental surgery.
Brandon: What kind of surgery is that?
Me: I basically help people connect with God.
Brandon: God is dead! (he said immediately and with authority)
Me: Oh no he isn’t! (I replied immediately and with more authority)
Brandon: (He sat there in deep thought for a about 15 seconds before he got a small mischievous grin on his face) God is in your heart. (he said with a smile that showed a five year old pride as if he had just figured that out with his own aha moment )
Me: That’s right Brandon, so my surgery is helping people connect with God through their heart.
Brandon: (another long pause) I need that!
Me: Everybody needs that:)



The Hike

At the fall Equinox of 1990, six courageous souls trekked through the Bandelier National Park to a place known as the Stone Lions Shrine. This was a sacred place close to the Yapashi Pueblo, with evidence of human existence dating back 11,000 years. We would hike a total of 13 miles that day, with more than 7,000 feet of elevation changes. I carried an 80-pound backpack with little awareness of what was ahead. The Mid-Alamo Canyon was 500 feet of switchbacks down one side and 500 feet back up the other side. We hiked the canyon twice that day!

We left before sunrise and finished the pilgrimage an hour after sunset by the light of the Harvest Moon reflecting off the cliffside dwellings on the final descent. Only crazy people would make that hike in one day (tee tee). Our guide was a longtime friend named John Myrick, who had made the hike several times but never in one day. The discussion of turning back came up more than once, as I recall. That one great adventure became some sort of eternal bond with the six souls of the group, and an amazing accomplishment that still holds a place in my heart.

We found out that John died suddenly under the Harvest Moon leading up the Fall Equinox, and all the memories came pouring back from that experience. I never looked at John the same way after that hike and was lucky to have seen him in the last two years. People grow apart geographically, but you always know that person with whom you share such a life-changing experience. What energy is forged upon the soul when you journey beyond the imagination?
Life is all about the journey, the people who walk with you, the lessons you take from each experience, and the residual energy of your triumphs. Your journeys can become an unintentional pilgrimage of the subconscious mind. Those who journey alongside, giving you the courage, the dedication, the commitment, and the inspiration, become partners in your spiritual growth. Those partnerships connect you both to an indelible imprint at the core of soul.

Six souls vibrating as a unit in movement toward a common goal creates synergy. Like a flock of birds or a school of fish, the group becomes one in spirit, one in consciousness. That oneness unites and ignites energy to vibrate at a higher spiritual level. Synchronization occurs within a resonant frequency, and an eternal bond is formed in the etheric body memory and re-corded in the Akasha. Overcoming obstacles to arrive at a place held sacred for thousands of years is stepping into a Universal energy field that is a fabric without time and space.

The union of souls becomes an influence by entering the magnetic domain created by naturally occurring geopathic energy. The movement of tectonic plates beneath the Stone Lions Shrine is the force that drew the Native American people to sense that this was a magical place created by the Great Spirit. Such a journey transcends the human spirit with life illuminated.

Whenever you move beyond your comfort zone and enter a realm that doesn’t seem possible, you expand human consciousness. The meaning of your existence is to discover who you are, your ability to persevere, and to stand in the light of your true self. Those moments of awareness create the eternal bond that forges the awakening soul. Now that’s love!   



Beckie and I had a recent experience that brought up this word and the need for a whisper. We trusted someone near and dear to our hearts, and they completely betrayed that trust. I have always believed that just because a person breaches your trust, that does not necessarily mean they are untrustworthy (tee tee). It simply means that they will need to demonstrate actions that lead to earning trust once again. But in this case, Beckie offered redemption in exchange for truth. This did not mean instant trust, though, simply a dialogue around what happened.

In the Bible, redemption involves deliverance from bondage based on the payment of a price by a redeemer. Redemption is defined as the act of making something better or more acceptable. Redemption was, according to Friedrich Nietzsche (a German philosopher, cultural critic, poet, and Latin/Greek scholar), not a deliverance from sin, but a total affirmation of life, with all its pain, suffering, and absurdity

Is truth a form of redemption that rebuilds the bridge to trust? Is it naive to think that a person can change when they refuse to take responsibility? Is offering redemption an affirmation of love and life-giving? Do we decide redemption, or would that be judging others? The questions are piling up, which means time for a whisper on redemption:


True redemption comes from the realm of divine providence and cannot be awarded by humans. Trust is an emotion and a core value that can be felt, but not necessarily a truth. People can be too trusting by nature, leading to spiritual bypassing. Trust can be extended, but in the final analysis is determined by judgment, feelings, and the senses of every individual.

Redemption is a price paid by the redeemer and salvaged by the human soul, often through suffering for the actions committed that are void of love. You cannot fake redemption, for it comes from the heart and is measured by faith. Actions based in truth are the measure of redemption, so an action that offers redemption cannot be faked or contrived.

Any payment for past transgression against divine Universal laws must come from an act of love, an act of service, an act of gratitude, an act of truth, an act of kindness, or an expression of extreme vulnerability. Love has redemptive qualities that hold the power to transform the past into the present reality. Love is the seed of redemption that offers transcendence when nurtured into spiritual growth.

A true apology is a shared experience that acknowledges the pain of a life experience. Within a moment that holds the vibration of sorrow, one can experience the consequences of their actions. In this way, two people can amend the pain felt by a shared experience so that redemption fills the vacuum created by the separation felt in a moment of betrayal. The soul can mend all wounds to restore trust whenever love is offered to become the bonding energy connecting every person to each other and to divinity.

Redemption follows the energy of love wherever it goes and whomever it touches.

Why Children See Angels

There are many reasons why children are more likely to see angels. Children are innocent and pure, coming out of the arms of the divine and into the physical world.  They are surrounded by more angels than the average adult, so there are more opportunities to see an angel. As adults, we get wrapped up in the material world, which serves to distance us from God and the non-physical realms.

New University studies show that the children coming onto the earth, are more sensitive than ever before and demonstrating psychic abilities. They feel, hear, see, and touch at deeper levels than ever before.

Babies and young children easily see the angels, because they don’t worry whether it’s their imagination or not. They simply see what they see. Children, especially at the non-verbal stages, cannot be told what they are seeing or not seeing.

Children are forming the physical body in their first years of development, so their eyesight is also developing, which might make it easier to see angels. Adults normally see Angels out of their peripheral vision, and need to go through a process in order to regain their gifts experienced in childhood.

According to modern psychology, seeing things in the non-physical or hearing voices from a non-physical source, could be a mental disorder. Some people would say that the child seeing angels needs to be tested for schizophrenia or psychosis. This may be true in a small potion of the population, but there are many people connecting with non-physical beings that do not suffer from any identifiable mental imbalances.

Many adults express that they were seeing angels, beings and auras, but they turned off the ability to see beyond the physical world as a young adult because they became frightened of seeing beings no one else could see.

Around 200 ad, a man named Origen (the son of Horus) created over 6,000 writings, in which he used the scriptures to validate his philosophy. One of his theories was that souls existed prior to God. His theories also leaned into beliefs of reincarnation. This separated the church into factions.

In 553 ad,  the 2nd Council of Constantinople modified the scriptures as a way to ease tensions and gain more control. Oriigen’s theories also leaned into beliefs of reincarnation.The Bible warns that Satan and his demons can appear as angels of light. As a result, you will need proper discernment from the Holy Spirit if an angel were to ever appear to you. That discernment would involve questioning the angel with regard to allegiance to Jesus as the Master. If that alliance is not expressed, the angel is considered a demon by many religions.

Children seeing angels may be non-verbal and most adults cannot discern the difference between angels and demons according to some church doctrines. This is the duty of the priests, so any lack of clear discernment, would indicate the presence of a demon. Churches that use the bible to demonized anyone that claims to hear and see an angel are instilling fear, which becomes a mental block of the senses that are used to see beyond the physical. This is a form of control that leads to judgements by others who would use the religion to dismiss the experiences of others.

So I would pose the question, why wouldn’t a child see an angel?

Fox news story on 3 year-old that saw angels and Jesus