The words that conjure up mixed feelings seem to draw me in; I guess you could say I was vulnerable to that (tee hee). A discussion with a friend led me into thoughts around the true essence of being vulnerable, which means capable of, or susceptible to, being wounded or hurt. Vulnerable also means open to moral attack, criticism and temptation.

If you are open to all those things through vulnerability, then it would stand to reason that you are open to receiving love, nurturing and basically all emotions. The idea of being vulnerable seems to carry negative connotations around a state of weakness, but in truth, should carry a more positive response as the apparent gateway to receptivity.

A quotation from Anne Morrow Lindbergh that I really like is, “I do not believe that sheer suffering teaches. If suffering alone taught, all the world would be wise, since everyone suffers. To suffering must be added mourning, understanding, patience, love, openness and the willingness to remain vulnerable.”

In reflection, some of my most profound experiences resulting in a conscious shift emanated from my own personal moments of vulnerability. In those instances where I became vulnerable, I also became aware and, through that consciousness evolved the positive features of my story. Now for one of my most vulnerable activities, I will engage with angels for a whisper on the subject:

The heart must open fully in order to receive love, so you must remove boundaries in order to assist in manifesting the balanced heart. A warrior can express the loving spirit while wearing armor, yet finds it difficult to receive love while covered with protection. This represents the true nature of boundaries and being vulnerable.

Tremendous courage and the highest example of the human spirit shine in the light of vulnerability. In this state of being, barriers and limitations are removed, making available possibilities that were not apparent in the moments prior. Without limiting factors entering the mind, the spirit is free to explore new opportunities and experiences.

The depth of feelings experienced in a vulnerable state reaches levels within your existence that can uncover lost information and feelings in the energetic search for truth. Within your highest vibration, truth and vulnerability illuminate purpose, integrity, faith and love with extreme clarity.

To fully experience all aspects of life, be willing to allow yourself to be vulnerable and present in moments of strength as well as times of weakness. The energy of receiving love from being vulnerable creates a wave of relief that washes away all barriers standing between you and the playful, compassionate, nurturing light of the Highest Power in the Universe, God and the angels.

Video footage of an Angel

One of the joys of my work is receiving things like this. As a skeptic and someone who works with them, I have been fed golden nuggets of information that help you believe in things that you have stood for. This is one of those times! ~R~

Thanks Lawrence!



Many people across the globe are praying for peace, with a zestful yearning to witness this feeling or state of being with cultures around the world. But what would that look like and what form could that take? The war machines are just that, driven by money, power, individual beliefs and a long history of forcing their will on others.

Personal peace to me is the quieting of the mind, body and spirit. Reaching for a stillness that warms the heart even in the midst of a chaotic and fast-paced environment is something that more and more people are striving for. The increased momentum of stimulating the senses through the experiences our society has to offer no longer brings the thrill or newness original to that energy.

The Harmonic Crystal Healing Bed® invokes a response that has been described as an overwhelming feeling of peace. I have often wondered how that occurs and spreads beyond this little room and out into the world.

Derived from the Anglo-Norman pas, c.1140, and meaning “freedom from civil disorder,” the personalized meaning of peace is reflected in a non-violent lifestyle which also describes a relationship between any people characterized by respect, justice and goodwill. This latter understanding of peace can also pertain to an individual’s sense of himself or herself, as to be “at peace” with one’s own mind. The early English term is also used in the sense of “quiet,” reflecting a calm, serene, and meditative approach to the family or group relationships that avoids quarreling and seeks tranquility or an absence of disturbance or agitation. With that explanation and understanding, I will ask for some peace of mind to reach for a whisper from an angel on peace:

Peace is a word that describes a feeling, therefore the true essence of this word is something that must be felt and experienced rather than simply implied. Discussions in groups are beneficial to creating peace between nations, but it is the people that must make a stand for peace in the name of loving thy neighbor.

Peace is available to everyone, yet there has to be willingness and an intention to achieve inner peace. It is your choice, and choosing peace is saying yes to the Higher Self with acknowledgments toward your personal Soul journey.

A collective majority of people willing to stand up for peace is all that is needed as the power struggles shift from world leaders to the choice and hands of the people. In your meditations, hold the world in your hands as you breathe in the energy of the Divine while breathing out the prayers for peace. In this way, you are giving your powers to manifest peace to the world through individual intentions.

It is important for each individual to hold a space in their hearts for hope to dwell in harmony with the vibrations of love and peace. This is the partnership between man and Divine Source energy that develops world peace through an inner sanctum of communion with spirit. Asking for peace is symbolic of your release of control that represents an invitation for Spirit’s involvement in the continuum of movement toward that which serves the highest good for mankind, a peaceful planet.