Crystal Bed Therapy


Archangel Raphael, Dr. Garcia and the Crystal Bed

Archangel Raphael, Dr. Garcia and the Crystal Bed

In April of 2006, I became interested in crystals and their healing properties. As an ANGEL THERAPIST©, I was giving readings and connecting with angels for others as I started receiving information regarding the construction of a crystal healing bed. I soon came to believe that this information was coming from Archangel Raphael.

With an offer to use the basement of a historic house in my neighborhood, I spent my spare time assembling something that I knew very little about. My wife was very patient with the time consuming and costly venture as she would gently ask me “How do you know that thing will work?” I would just smile and tell her I didn’t know how, but I had faith that it would work!

This particular crystal bed combines ancient and modern modalities such as light (chromo-therapy), sound, vibrational, magnetic and crystal therapies to form a unique experience. I was also guided to read a book called the “Wings of Heaven” that described a stone placement formation called Archangel Michael’s gate, which is a gateway to the angelic realm. I added this feature to the bed as well.

Several times during the process, I felt as if someone was looking over my shoulder as I worked in this vacant house, considered by many to be the haunted house of the neighborhood. As it turns out, the house had historic designation as the “Garcia House”, due to the fact that the owner started the first Mexican-American newspaper in the state of Texas. He was also known as Dr Garcia and as I worked in the house, I discovered old glass test tubes and remnants of the life he led.

The current owner of the property told me stories of how he had converted the house into a mini-hospital that treated immigrants who could not afford health care. In return, they would perform duties around the property as their exchange for the treatments. I often felt the presence of Dr. Garcia and Archangel Raphael in that basement.

I finished the project in fifteen months and invited a friend to experience a trial on the crystal bed. The thirty minutes session was interesting, as part of her intentions for the session were to find out if she should fly to Florida to visit her ailing mother. Toward the end of her time on the bed, a small plane flew right over the house at a low altitude to deliver a message from the angel guides that the time was right. She described an overwhelming feeling of peace from her time on the crystal bed that was unique to the world.

I moved the bed to my house and began to offer the crystal bed to my clients and it quickly began to fill my practice. Looking back, I think that Archangel Raphael was ‘training’ me on how to use the crystal bed with the sessions morphing into a prescribed standard of treatment.

As I began each session, an emerald green light would fill my minds’ eye to signal the arrival of Archangel Raphael. Having worked with Archangel Michael in my angel readings, Archangel Raphael’s energy was quite different. His energy was more like a doctor, a loving doctor that often delivered important information on how to deal with an illness, pain or emotional issue.

I would often get an image of someone leaning over the client and working to remove cords and string-like objects, especially from the area of the heart. In addition, I would get visions of the bones, tissue and the flow of blood as a way to message me that these were areas receiving energetic movements.

The experiences with the crystal bed have been wide-ranging and at times mind-blowing with the results. With a background as a carpenter, I often wondered why this information would come to me, until one client pointed out that the angel could easily message me with information about construction, in addition to the information regarding healing.

As an alternative practitioner, I often see people who do not resonate with western medicine or have inoperable situations such as tumors or heart conditions. In one case, I did two sessions with a woman that suffered from blocked arteries and had a genetic heart condition from birth which resulted in doctors turning her down for treatment. After the second session, she walked down my driveway and threw away her nine prescriptions, unbeknown to me. A year later, she reported what she had done and told me that from that day forward, she never suffered an angina attack. Prior to our visit, she had suffered from those painful attacks on a daily basis.

In another case, a woman found me after discovering that she had an aggressive form of breast cancer that had already produced a sizable tumor on her left side. After one treatment and visualization prescriptions from Archangel Raphael, she returned to her oncologist who reported the tumor was shrinking. I might add at this point, she undertook a strict regimen of diet and exercise in addition to her alternative therapy and remained under the guidance of a doctor and nutritionist. The doctors recommended surgery and hormone replacement therapy which she rejected. My client evoked her intuition and free will as she threw away her prescriptions with her faith in the angels and process that she had undertaken.

Some two years after the crystal bed was constructed, one of the grandchildren of Dr. Garcia unexpectedly made contact with me. Upon our meeting, she informed me that Dr. Garcia was interested in the metaphysical and not many people knew that about him. He practiced yoga and worked with crystals wands with copper windings. This was shocking information with the way the crystal bed is constructed utilizing copper, crystals and some of the principles of yoga among other things. Dr. Garcia must have added his energy to the process in more ways than I imagined.

There is a new story of healing everyday on the crystal bed built by angels, and I attribute that to Archangel Raphael, my eagerness to learn and a person’s willingness to step into their own natural abilities. I often tell my clients that I am merely a helper and someone who listens. In the beginning, I was attached to the outcome of the services that I provide, but Archangel Raphael helped me with the patience and expertise of a master counselor, by placing the energy of control and outcomes in the hands of the client and the Highest Power.

The feeling of helping people heal from such things as Cancer, addictions, emotional distress and pain is something that is hard to express in words, but I feel like when you request healing energy and help from Archangel Raphael (he who heals with God) and open your heart to the possibility that miracles exist, you have laid the groundwork for the acceptance of miracles in your life.