Crystal Bed Therapy


Video cures ailing dog!


I posted the singing crystal bowl below and then received this email as a response. Dr Watson is the dog in the photo and is seen as he watches the crystal singing bowls. It is not very clear, but you can get the idea. Below is the email from Dr. Watson’s mommy:

Last week, Dr Watson was poisoned with a hepatotoxin and possibly a neurotoxin (ant killer).  Anyway, after extensive treatment with homeopathic medications through his veterinarian, he is coming around.  But, not until he heard your performance did a fantastic thing occur.  Although he was gaining his strength back, his personality was not normal.  I think this was due to a combination of the toxic build-up in his system from a dysfunctional liver from the hepatotoxin and

I believe, the neurotoxin effects of the poison.  When we turned on your performance, Dr. Watson came up to the computer and laid in my lap.  Before, he had been wired.  After watching your performance on just one bowl, he calmed down significantly.  He would not move until you finished the entire performance, then he wanted it to start up again, as you can see from his posture.

He has calmed down unbelievably and seems to be making a turn-around.  You didn’t mention whether these bowls are tuned to dogs, but I can tell you that Dr. Watson is much better after just watching and listening to your singing bowl performance two times.  I had to pass this along to you so you would have this info to pass on to others whose dogs may have been or, God forbid, might be poisoned in the future.

Then this came March 30th….

It is unbelievable!  I tell you in all honesty that it was not a good situation before he experienced your video.  Immediately thereafter the change was profound.  That evening he pooped out and slept for hours again, but the next day, he returned to his original behavior.  All neurological symptoms were absolutely gone!  I was really concerned that he had suffered retardation from the neuro-toxicity.  Oh, I did find out that the poison was also a neurotoxin as well as a hepatotoxin.