being radically alive

I never thought I would have an encore career, much less as an angel reader and medium. My long career as a carpenter/contractor was fun and meaningful, while restoring houses has more connections with restoring souls than I could have ever imagined.

I still feel so new to this lifestyle and sometimes feel like I could awaken to my old life at any time. This seems to pull me away from awakening to my new life, but the two lives are separate and connected at the same time. To fully awaken to the present can mean finding acceptance of the past. This is done through awareness, forgiveness, clearing and a willingness to move forward and away from my comfort structures along with faith and connection to a Higher Power.

Feeling radically alive can mean taking radical steps with intention and purpose while holding a light that illuminates truth. Illusions, judgments and lies can awaken the ego (lol) and place blocks between you and your presence. Then there is ‘human nature’ which seems to make it difficult to completely focus on the positive aspects of life. With a spotlight on failure, misgivings, lessons of the past and all the thoughts from the Lower Self, it can be difficult to remain in a moment of extreme presence.

It is interesting how the jolting effects of a life event can propel you from your normal life into your radical life in an instant. Those moments can be challenging and full of resistance, yet those are the stand-outs in my radical aliveness. Who made up that rule? I know the teachings inside those moments make us better individuals and so it becomes glaringly obvious that sitting on the couch waiting for the next life event is a delay tactic invented by man and reinforced by the belief systems of others.

I read an account of a near death experience and the analogy presented by this was in regards to sleeping. Crossing over to the other side was very similar to the body going to sleep. This triggered thinking about the times when things get rough in life and I personally want to go to bed and sleep it off (tee hee). So I wonder if when we have finally had enough of this wolrd, if we simply go to sleep for some eternal resting dirt nap!

Inevitably, it is the choices we make that determine the radical aliveness experiences. In this day and age we can do just about anything we want. What do you want, what is your heart’s desire and what is preventing you from having a radical experience with the finer things in life?

Maybe I have been sleeping for part of my life but I am awake now and looking for next epiphany! In the past few years I have been certified as a medium and angel reader, written 5 books (one is self-published), been filmed for a pilot show on my life, witnessed incredible changes and empowerment with those that I have worked with, traveled to many new places, have been a speaker for many groups, released my second music CD and raised my vibrations to all new levels. Now that is radically alive! ~R~