Fall Equinox message from St. Hildegard of Bingham 9.22.9

Fall Equinox message from St. Hildegard of Bingham 9.22.9

Fields of green…..this image brings me great pleasure. I spent many a day looking out over my fields of green…….the fields where my dreams held a vision for a life with Divine purpose and a message of healing. The deep rich shade of green, represents healing from the Earth and is the wellspring of my energy….my essence…..who I am, who I was and who I ever will be is found in this light. Like the healing energy of the Earth, I connect with God….I connect with Spirit….I connect with the creation that is within me. The activation of light from the healing aura of emerald green provides the spark that ignites the energy of love, compassion, understanding and truth. This is what is activated within me……within my soul….my essence……the biggest part of me……that which I share with the world comes from the healing essence of the Earth…….and the healing essence of my beloved Creator.

From my vantage point, I am able to look down on those that call on me through song, chant, prayer, and celebration. Your gift of singing my songs, which as you know are not really my songs, is a gift back to me from God…….filled with teachings that exist below the conscious mind, and therefore requires trust and a silent space in which to fully realize the meaning. Your energy placed in the heart of music brings the light of emerald green into a circle of life for all to see, feel and experience…..and forms a golden ring that unites a Christ Consciousness through the eyes of Spirit and the heart of one voice. I find great joy in space of a collection of voices reaching out to each other, reaching out to community, reaching out to God to feel the oneness in a united breath of light.

As you light the candle for me, say a prayer for the sounds and vibrations of healing that bring acceptance with the past and hope for the future. Bringing people together to sound a joyous celebration for life is how your life becomes a dance with the ribbons of love.  The pure love for life builds the sanctity of life which helps you find honor in every living aspect of life on Earth.

Everyone struggles…..I am no exception. So know that it doesn’t matter where, when or how an awakening comes forward, it only matters that it is illuminated in the light of truth, the light of healing, the light of God and the light that shines down on my everlasting fields of green. No matter where you reach within yourself, you will find that you have connected your heart with the Cosmic Heart of the Universe.  May God fill you and any space in-between with eternal strands of precious love.