Why Children See Angels

There are many reasons why children are more likely to see angels. Children are innocent and pure, coming out of the arms of the divine and into the physical world.  They are surrounded by more angels than the average adult, so there are more opportunities to see an angel. As adults, we get wrapped up in the material world, which serves to distance us from God and the non-physical realms.

New University studies show that the children coming onto the earth, are more sensitive than ever before and demonstrating psychic abilities. They feel, hear, see, and touch at deeper levels than ever before.

Babies and young children easily see the angels, because they don’t worry whether it’s their imagination or not. They simply see what they see. Children, especially at the non-verbal stages, cannot be told what they are seeing or not seeing.

Children are forming the physical body in their first years of development, so their eyesight is also developing, which might make it easier to see angels. Adults normally see Angels out of their peripheral vision, and need to go through a process in order to regain their gifts experienced in childhood.

According to modern psychology, seeing things in the non-physical or hearing voices from a non-physical source, could be a mental disorder. Some people would say that the child seeing angels needs to be tested for schizophrenia or psychosis. This may be true in a small potion of the population, but there are many people connecting with non-physical beings that do not suffer from any identifiable mental imbalances.

Many adults express that they were seeing angels, beings and auras, but they turned off the ability to see beyond the physical world as a young adult because they became frightened of seeing beings no one else could see.

Around 200 ad, a man named Origen (the son of Horus) created over 6,000 writings, in which he used the scriptures to validate his philosophy. One of his theories was that souls existed prior to God. His theories also leaned into beliefs of reincarnation. This separated the church into factions.

In 553 ad,  the 2nd Council of Constantinople modified the scriptures as a way to ease tensions and gain more control. Oriigen’s theories also leaned into beliefs of reincarnation.The Bible warns that Satan and his demons can appear as angels of light. As a result, you will need proper discernment from the Holy Spirit if an angel were to ever appear to you. That discernment would involve questioning the angel with regard to allegiance to Jesus as the Master. If that alliance is not expressed, the angel is considered a demon by many religions.

Children seeing angels may be non-verbal and most adults cannot discern the difference between angels and demons according to some church doctrines. This is the duty of the priests, so any lack of clear discernment, would indicate the presence of a demon. Churches that use the bible to demonized anyone that claims to hear and see an angel are instilling fear, which becomes a mental block of the senses that are used to see beyond the physical. This is a form of control that leads to judgements by others who would use the religion to dismiss the experiences of others.

So I would pose the question, why wouldn’t a child see an angel?

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