History……relevant or entertainment

It is interesting the way comparisons are made and how these comparisons shift our views. Obama compared to Lincoln or Truman, the Irag War and the Vietnam war, the Great Depression and our current economic atmosphere are all comparisons being used to draw conclusions.

I was listening to people being interviewed on the radio that experienced the depression. Their answers to the questions of comparison were very cute, but seemed ridiculous. That’s mainly because there is no comparison to those times and now.

The people at the time of the depression were different, the country….even the world was a vastly different place. The Vietnam war was so connected to the times in may different ways and I am sure you could draw a comparison thread, but does that hold any meaning? The new president could be compared to the last in order to measure some sort of meaningful message. “Bush will be judged by history, in thirty years he will be viewed as one of the greatest presidents.” That may be true if everyone’s perspective has changed by then, but to me holds no value in today’s scheme of things. Time heals all wounds!

Everything is changing and moving so fast that I think comparisons to history are somewhat laughable. maybe that’s it. The purpose is entertainment and our media today is definitely in that business. I feel better now that I have discovered the reason to compare to history! ~R~