Video footage of an Angel

One of the joys of my work is receiving things like this. As a skeptic and someone who works with them, I have been fed golden nuggets of information that help you believe in things that you have stood for. This is one of those times! ~R~

Thanks Lawrence!


It’s all a matter of interpretation……


This word has wide-reaching meanings attached to it as applied to the various categories of life. An explanation of the meaning or translation regarding works of art can be considered an interpretation. Processing the events of a single day or an entire lifetime comes in the form of interpretation.

A friend once made the statement that everything ever written or spoken was that person’s interpretation and therefore it is possible that all the facts and truth written around the history of mankind could be slightly skewed. Things like ‘how a war was started,’ ‘who was the main character of a historical circumstance,’ and ‘who said what and when’ could all boil down to the discernment or perspective of the individual.

How many times have you witnessed several people come away with completely different takes on the same event? What about the circle game, where you feed a rumor to a starting point in the circle and then laugh as the story is translated from the last person in the circle with far different details? If you cannot find the absolute truth in anyone’s interpretation, then where do you find it?

I think it comes down to vibrations felt by the heart. The vibrations of truth are without intellect or judgments, therefore you could bypass the words as you search for the truth held by the body and validated by Spirit. In my work as a medium, messages from the other side are often given in the form of symbols. In some cases the meaning is obvious, while in others cases it is a trick by the ego leading you down the path of mistaken meanings. Careful discernment with an openness to discover true meanings is the best way to interpret any situation. That can take time and intention to see things in the truest light. With that thought, I will engage in the interpretation of an angel whisper:

The discernment you refer to is something that exists on many levels. To apply it to only one and then to regard that one level as the absolute truth would be a disservice. It is the application of interpretation to all levels of the body, mind and spirit that will illuminate the highest level of discernment.

People often make the mistake of interpretation from the surface, and while connecting with the Clair senses could provide some great answers, it is always wise to look a little below the surface. In this way, you are allowing yourself the greatest depth of the experience.

Do not allow the interpretation of others to lead to judgments, unless you feel a need for some time in the lower self energies. It is the opening to Spirit without judgments in the light of obtaining help with discernment and being willing to see the truth that serves you the most. Staying within the energy of interpretation can color the views of change.

Interpretation at the highest level is a reflection of love and joy manifesting by taking the time to discern your challenges and resistance. Interpretation to see the truth can be compared to the analogy of a stone that skips on top of the water to reach the other shore instead of sinking under the weight, as logic would dictate. The intellectual interpretation makes it impossible to rationalize while the spiritual interpretation combines the energy of play and joy to turn the experience into a miracle.

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