Who killed Alison Parker and Adam Ward?

The simple answer is Vester Flanigan, but what is it that drives people to commit such horrendous acts? The Colorado theater murders, the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church murders, and the Sandy Hook Elementary murders, have shocked our nation in away that begs to answer the question as to the root cause of rising gun violence in America.

Vester Flanigan appeared to be living the average American life, until something pushed him beyond the edge of reason and sanity. What could have caused that spark that ignited the actions which would change the lives of so many innocent victims? Who is responsible for the Vester Flanigans of our time?

There is a silent killer that has made its way into our society under the disguise of freedom and constitutional law. We now experience a new kind of hatred in America, and when coupled with the proliferation of guns, we have the Vester Flanigans and the Adam Lanzas dominating the evening news and creating a loss to every American.

Some of the responsibility ultimately falls on the shoulders of our leaders and some media outlets. A democracy fails without a willingness to compromise, and for the last few administrations we have watched the erosion of the American political system. America is no longer a democracy, it has become an oligarchy or a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes. Members of Congress now receive millions of dollars for their votes, which led to the GOP supporting Obama on the trade bill and voting down farmer subsidy bills.

I am neither Republican or Democrat, I am Humanitarian, which means I blame both sides for the corruption, the greed, and the total disregard for Americans as a unified group. The hatred, visceral, and disrespectful actions of our political leaders, makes each if them culpable to inciting of violence in America. We have all witnessed the riots, murders, and racism building in this country, along with the  decline the education of its citizens.

The media and their political analysts describe what Americans want, like a ringside announcer at a fight. Everything is about ‘the fight’. “This candidate will never make it because they are unwilling to get in the ring.”  “That candidate needs to throw off the gloves and go toe-to-toe with the other candidate.” This candidate had the chance for the knockout punch, but could not deliver.” Since when did any kind of democracy need boxers in leadership roles? Any candidate that fails to show they can fight is considered too weak to lead and trashed by the media and other politicians.



Congress would rather shut down the government than work toward the best compromise for the majority of Americans. Both sides are responsible the rhetoric that tells the general public that we need to “take America back”. Today, I heard a candidate say “they were going to beat the brains out” of their competitor in the presidential race. And this was a member within their own party!!!! If I said that about a political leader, I would be arrested. How is this ethical for anyone who claims to be one of our country’s leaders? The mean-spirited, disrespect in politics, has reached all-time highs in direct proportion to the rise of uneducated people that would believe almost anything, especially around division and racism.

Politicians and the media spin their tales using non-truths, half-lies, inaccuracies and complete disregard for the facts, while taking no responsibility for creating the deep anger that penetrates the human soul. Words are the greatest weapon, and when used in a way that drives a person into an anger-induced mental break down, the instigators hold some responsibility. When will all of our leaders take responsibility for the unity and well being of our country over their loyalty to money?

Words cause life, Words cause death. Words cause sorrow but they also cause happiness. They can be used to give darkness and give life. So remember the power in the words you speak. Unknown author