The Forgiveness Bypass

          Thanks to Gib for sending me the article by Jeff Brown in the Elephant Journal, 10 Ways to Bypass the Real. Jeff writes about the many ways that the New Age movement has brought the greater need to understand the branches of the spiritual bypass tree. The modern spiritual movement has created a large, unbalanced focus on peace, love, and light, which can easily lead to patterns of self-avoidance on the path to enlightenment.    
            According to Jeff Brown, the ‘Forgiveness Bypass’ is “The tendency to avoid unresolved emotions and relational experiences by feigning forgiveness, or premature forgiveness. What often manifests is a tendency to shame those who haven’t forgiven, as though forgiving a wrongdoer is more important than healing itself. Real forgiveness requires a genuine working through of the emotions and memories related to our experiences. And, at the end of that process, it is the victim’s choice as to whether they choose to forgive.”
             Forgiveness is a process, and one that I spent a year and a half engaged with prior to transitioning into my present work. It was a long and grueling process of internal cleansing that occurred with times of integration in between facing my darkness. I think Jeff’s point is that we have to be present and authentic with our spiritual selves. Let’s get a whisper from an angel:

            Sensitive people who are working with their spirituality often have a large life purpose. The larger the life purpose, the bigger the ego. The ego of a spiritually focused sensitive person will often manifest internally as a conversation within. The ego will judge itself against a hidden comparison, which is perfection. This leads to projections of the shadow self, self-defeating habits, and moral and spiritual judgments that can be misleading.

            Higher levels of consciousness, when left ungrounded, can support incorrect thinking based on a hopeful view of the world, distanced from reality. Spiritual bypass of the truth begins with justifiable actions based on the standard of spiritual perfection. Spirituality without clear practices and a grounded focus can lead to suppression of major emotions. Anger, when suppressed in the name of love, becomes a negative imbalance of energy that emerges as anxiety. The emotion of disgust can become sadness as it breaks the barriers of hope, therefore diminishing trust. Contempt can become sadness for humanity and a loss of faith.

            The senses of a spiritual person can become imbalanced as a result of suppressing true feelings and justifying themselves to suffer by suppressing anything perceived as negative. This can lead to an overall feeling of not wanting to be here anymore, as a spirit loses touch with reality. This feeling is common in spiritual beings, as the thought of being in the arms of the divine brings the most comfort. If this is occurring, it is a sign that some part of the individual must cease to exist in order to shift awareness with regard to the current reality.

            Express your true emotions so they do not become trapped within. Feel the freedom to see your true self becoming released from false teachings of how you should act. Be authentic with yourself to avoid the traps offered by spiritual illusions. Take action toward being your best self. Grounded presence with reality is the highest form of holding love and light.             


Sensitive People and Anxiety

I have noticed certain patterns with my practice, and one of those is the relationship between intuitive, or sensitive, people and anxiety. Many sensitive adults and children experience severe anxiety and depression. After noticing this pattern, I began to have deep thoughts about the question that hardly ever has a satisfactory answer: “Why?” (tee tee)

The ‘why’ might be explained further by Heather Stone, a clinical psychologist who writes: “Individuals suffering from anxiety are often highly sensitive people whose acute awareness has become an affliction rather than a gift. In an effort to mask their psychological pain, anxious individuals often seem extremely well composed, attractive, competent, intelligent, or articulate. Not only are they uncomfortable in their own skin, anxious individuals are acutely aware of all the ways in which there is an imperfect fit between themselves and their immediate world.”

Anxiety also represents root chakra imbalance. Many of my clients suffer from adrenal issues, which have an anatomical connection to the root. The message from the root chakra and adrenal gland is love your life purpose and ground your energy. Let’s ground into an angelic message around the relationship between anxiety and the sensitive beings on the planet:

The increasing numbers of sensitive people coming to inhabit the earth are part of the spiritual army that is here to elevate the consciousness of the human species. The only way this will occur is to change the DNA of enough individuals to increase the awareness and consciousness of an entire species through entrainment.

Humans who are more sensitive to others can feel more, touch more, know more, and sense more than the average individual. This means they are more adversely affected by chemicals in food and pesticides, electronic devices and EMFs (electromagnetic fields), vibrations from negative people and the environment, and by the fear of change. They are here to learn discernment, causal realities, and to develop routines that address their sensitive nature through grounding into the Earth energies. The following would be the divine prescription for a sensitive human of any age:    
~ Get more exercise. Walking thirty minutes a day at least five days a week will ground and greatly reduce your anxiety and any perceived loss of spirit.

~ Do routine activities, such as cleaning your room, going out into nature, connecting with trees, touching the ground, and meditating in nature. This way your connection to the spirit realm will be more pure and increase the light of the earth energies in the system.

~ Engage in subject mapping whenever you are learning, for understanding your life purpose, anytime you are establishing goals, and for greater discernment in all aspects of life. This will increase your divergent thinking and create the flow of energy like an artist imaging life.

~ Remove electronics from your body for extended periods, especially sleep. You are sensitive to the EMFs created by these devices, and your body’s electrical system can become negatively impacted in a way that causes unneeded stress and anxiety.

~ Create a limited, regular time for meditation and do not engage at night when your body needs the rest. Limit the length of meditation time and refuse to spend long periods of time connecting to the spirit realm. You are always connected to this realm naturally and do not need to over-indulge to create a connection. This type of discernment will bring balance, insight, knowledge, spiritual downloads, and grounding to your sensitive systems.

Anxiety reduces your aura and allows more dominating negative vibrations into your field. Your awareness will expand your gift to the world while bringing comfort to the soul.