Three Signs

Three Signs (an excerpt from an upcoming book on ways to  “Connect with Angels”)

I have a regular routine of riding my mountain bike around the trails that circle Lady Bird Johnson Lake in downtown Austin. I usually stop to do some exercise at a designated area that has outdoor equipment. This is my time to commune with nature in an urban setting and connect with my own angel guides to receive messages without the distractions in my home/office environment.

On this particular day, my finances were on my mind. I have recently changed careers and felt the need to ask my guides to give me some sort of sign that things would be fine in this area of concern. I stood in the sun with my eyes closed assuring Spirit of my strong faith as I was expressing a loving and playful need to know what lays ahead for me. I was clear that I wasn’t asking out of worry, it was more like a cat looking at a dangling thread of yarn.

After asking for my sign, I went over to a metal bench and started doing push-ups. As I went up and down, something shiny in front of my face caught my attention. It was a dime. I worked it out of the odd location on the bench. There was no other place on the bench where this dime could have hidden with such ease if at all due to the construction of the bench. I studied the 2005 dime before thanking my guides for this sign and placing it in my pocket.

A few moments later, I was climbing a steep grade to get back to my house when I was overcome with thoughts about my recently published book called ‘Mariposa’ which means butterfly in Spanish. I was thinking about the success that I had already felt as I pondered where it would go next. Just as I had the thought, a large black butterfly appeared two inches above my right hand and flew with me a ways. I have a special attachment to these winged creatures and therefore know their habits in this area. I have never had one come so close while I was pedaling so hard. If I am still, they will easily fly up, but when I am working like that they usually scatter. I was overtaken for a moment with my emotional response to this unique flight of the butterfly. Without any doubt, I had witnessed sign number two.

Once again I thanked my guides and traveled on down the street. I rode a few blocks and suddenly heard a plane flying very low. I stopped my bike and looked overhead to see a small plane towing a huge sign. It must have been 50’by 100’ judging by the size of the plane that was dwarfed by the sign. I just started laughing at these joyful beings having so much fun with me, because this huge floating billboard had no recognizable advertisement. It had what appeared to be caveman, but no Geico. Who would spend so much on an ad that was not recognizable? I realized that I had read where signs come in different forms such as coins, butterflies and birds. I had just experienced all three!

As soon as I got home, there was an unexpected check in my mailbox. I spent the afternoon talking to several people that called to tell me they were interested in promoting me and my work. I had everything from book tours to television ads being proposed by people that couldn’t even explain their actions. I found it very amusing to listen to these bewildered callers. I also booked three sessions that afternoon with back to back calls to schedule the following two days that were empty on my calendar. Finally, that evening I received an email informing me that a client was getting six-figure loan to contract work with me. I went to bed that night thinking it was so much fun and easy too. All I had to do was ask. Now that’s what I call signs! ~R~