Spiritual discussions with a 5 year-old

I got a chance to spend some time with my grandson Brandon, who is five years old. I usually keep the door to my healing space closed when the family visits, but I had to go into my sacred space to get a light bulb that was stored in the room. He followed me into a room he has never seen before, (to my knowledge) and our conversation went like this:

Brandon: Why are we going into the surgery room?
Me: To get a light bulb.
Brandon: Why do you have a surgery room?
Me: I do surgery (tee hee)
Brandon: I thought that was only done in hospitals?
Me: Well, I don’t do that kind of surgery.
Brandon: What kind do you do?
Me: This kind. ( I made a face like Jaden Smith in the Karate kid when he won the match at the end. I turned my head sideways and got an intense look on my face. I used my right hand and made the longhorn symbol and pointed it at him while I made a buzzing sound…..lol)

Brandon: What kind of surgery is that? (with the cutest quiz face)
Me: Mental surgery.
Brandon: What kind of surgery is that?
Me: I basically help people connect with God.
Brandon: God is dead! (he said immediately and with authority)
Me: Oh no he isn’t! (I replied immediately and with more authority)
Brandon: (He sat there in deep thought for a about 15 seconds before he got a small mischievous grin on his face) God is in your heart. (he said with a smile that showed a five year old pride as if he had just figured that out with his own aha moment )
Me: That’s right Brandon, so my surgery is helping people connect with God through their heart.
Brandon: (another long pause) I need that!
Me: Everybody needs that:)