My heart sank as I heard the news out of New York today……….”plane crashed into Hudson River”. In my recent flight to Hawaii as I thought about flying over water and the possibilities of crashing, my mind rationalized it very simply with one question “what’s the difference?”.

With media today, most of us have seen the videos of plane crashes and it is never pretty. Conquering any fears of flying over water or land isn’t always easy, the simple answer of indifference just turned my focus with a gentle nudging that said “everything is good”. But the truth in this case is most of us can’t think of plane crash and New York, without the images of 9/11 coming forward. My sympathy for the people of New York was pouring out of my heart with the first reports of the Airbus crash………”not another tragedy to face, especially for those who have suffered”. That was my first mental prayer.

I got home about 3pm Austin Texas time and turned on the news. The feeling of seeing the people on the wing, the circle of fairy (tee hee) boats, the eyewitness accounts of their rescue, the description from the pilot pundits and the early reports of everyone surviving that sudden crash, was the emotion attached to witnessing a miracle. The idea of the airplane staying in tact and floating down the river while the rescue took place, was a bit surreal.

Reports of a bird strike was interesting with descriptions from pilots and news sources repeating that birds often strike airplanes at lower elevation levels and this birding incident took out both engines. Do you think the mainstream media has reported on terrorism and war a little too much lately? Even when applied to birds, it sounds like a deliberate and calculated attack from birds on this country! This takes that Hitchcock movie idea to an HNL (old SNL skit,,, means hole nuther level).

I can feel the freedom to poke fun at the media in this case since it appears that everyone survived……..except those birds(lol). Miracles do happen everyday and today, I witnessed one. As I witnessed this one miracle, I expanded into the possibilities that I can witness a miracle in my life……any day……..everyday. Like the people on that plane today must be feeling……it is good to be alive!~R~